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Business Concept: Events for Singles

By Jen Grier, Matt Rosenthal, Jawn Jang

Jawn Jang

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Business Concept: Events for Singles

Business Concept Project: Singles Show By Jen Grier, Matt Rosenthal, Jawn Jang Introduction Statistics Canada shows that 49.9% of Canadians are single Last year the Georgia Straight reported that in Vancouver 58% of the population fall under the category of being separated, divorced, widowed or having never been married. The purpose of this project is to help those who do not wish to be single anymore by creating a radio program as well as events that will help bring singles together and help them in their quest for relationships. Overview The weekly show would focus on advice, course of actions, question and answers and tips and tricks to help singles. Many people are unsure of where to go to meet singles let alone what to do when they do find that place. The show would provide answers to the listeners. Radio Program •Friday evenings 9-11pm, hosted by station DJ

•Weekly special guests, trained in relationships

•Call in/email format for listener participation

•Example guests include : Ronald Lee of “Man meets woman”, Dan Savage of “Savage Love”

•Potential show sponsors : Trojan Condoms, Singles travel club, The Roxy nightclub

•Potential topics: relationship advice, how to dress/act, where to find singles
Events •Every second weekend, alternating between club event and outdoor event

•Example of a club event : “stop light party”

•Example of outdoor event: golf, ultimate Frisbee, dog walking
Promotions •Utilize advertising space on air

•Radio stations website events page

•Social media networking: Facebook, twitter, YouTube

•Promotional posters Finance Breakdown Costs -DJ for 2 hours every Friday

-Host for events outside of station

-Website update/links to sponsors page

-Printing of posters

-Glow-sticks Revenue -Airtime of advertisements

-Sponsorship of show/events

-Advertisements/links on website Legal Issues •Listener discretion advised warning to be played before and during radio show

•Insurance waivers may be needed for outdoor events
Timeline •Summer time four months, May-August

•Winter time four months, November-February

• Event dates depend on when we start
Benefits For Radio Stations:

•Gain valuable information on target demographic from online voting and polls

•Information received could be used for future promotions and sales contracts

•Unique show in clustered market

•Narrow marketing
For guests:

•Exposure from being on air, online and on posters

•Another avenue to help potential clients

•Exposure through social media

•Even though directed at young singles information is valuable to all listeners

•Feel appreciated because of the audience interaction

•Unique opportunity
Personal Skills and Experience Jen Grier
•Six years of radio industry experience

•Past experience with setting up and executing events

•Banquet catering/bartending

•Five and half years, telephone operator skills
Matthew Rosenthal •Emceeing events

•Outdoor sports experience

•Strong outdoor event contacts

•Radio production, web design
Jawn Jang •Experience in emceeing

•Accolades in Radio Production and Promotional Concepts

•Strong communicative skills

•Two years of radio industry experience, one year in online radio experience
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