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ICDD2013 - how it was

No description

Michael Dorokhov

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of ICDD2013 - how it was

Third International Students Conference on Informatics
ICDD 2013
University "Lucian Blaga" in Sibiu
Twitter Analyzing
Some interesting articles from the conference
Fuzzy model for the language knowledge evaluation and its computer implementation
The best article and presentation
CUP of ICDD 2013
ICDD 2013, Sibiu, România
Algorithms and data structures
Graph theory and applications
Modelling and simulation
Computer programming
Computer vision
Computer graphics
Game design
Data mining
Artificial Intelligence
Mobile operating systems
Topics of interest:
Alexandru Petrut Becheru
"There are approximately 30 clusters in the whole Twitter"
Alexandru Cristian Bozdog
"Encrypt information into .wav file"
Skin recognition
Aleksandra Cugalj
Marko Karovic
"The aim is to detect the percentage of skin on the photo to avoid children from adult content"
Windows 8 HDR App
Falamas Vasile Marian
"Simple app for creating HDR and pseudo-HDR photos"
Dorin Adrian Rusu, Daniel Grigore Rosca, Alin Rosu
Gesture based smart
human-computer interaction
"Virtual shop based on Kinect sensor"
Three-dimensional data transfer
Vasile Nechifor
"Evolution of QR code - the same approach but with new dimension - time"
(the capital of Transylvania in the past)
population: 137,026
the BRAN castle
Vlad III Tepes, "Dracula" (1431–1476)
Thank you for attention!
Merci de votre attention!
Dâkuû za uvagu!
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