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EDL 318M, Week 3, Class 4

No description

Chloe Bolyard

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of EDL 318M, Week 3, Class 4

EDL 318M
Week 3, Class 4
Unit 1: Self Reflection in Teacher Leadership
Inquiry for Teacher Leaders
Guiding Questions
What does it look like to be a teacher inquirer?

How does inquiry extend and/or challenge your conception of teacher reflection?
Professor of Curriculum Studies
Author/Editor of 14 books,
including our course text, and over 50 published manuscripts in the field of education
A wonderful adviser
K-12 experience: High School English Teacher, Basketball Coach, University-School Partnerships Liaison
Dr. Tom Poetter
Critical Cultural Competence
Group Presentations
Assignment Specifications
Group-led discussion lasting 25-30 minutes over your assigned reading
See syllabus for guiding questions to focus your reading (bottom of pg. 3)
Discuss the reading via seminar style, small groups, and/or visual presentation media, but avoid lecturing for the entire time
All members should participate equally in the presentation
Assignment Specifications Continued
Create a handout (see syllabus for details) and email me 24 hours before your presentation so that I can print copies for the class
At the top, include proper APA citation of the reading (You will learn about this at seminar on Thursday)
Overview of the reading(s) (brief paragraph summary including main argument)
Quotes that spoke to each member of the group (include member names with quotes and page numbers from the reading)
Questions the class can discuss
Group Assignments
Tuesday, 2/17 Presentations

Group 1: (Cosier, 2009): Gabriel, Ruby, Alex, Abby

Group 2: (Eliot, 2010) & (Carl, 2012): Renee, Paxton, Ruthie, Shanah

Group 3: (Anyon, 1980): Megan, Sam, Vincent, Erin
Group Assignments
Thursday, 2/19 Presentations

Group 4: (Templeton, 2011): Emma, Nicki G., Brooke, Laura

Group 5: (Brydoff, 2009): Nicki C., Kate, Danielle, Rachel

Group 6: (Sumaryone & Ortiz, 2004): Bethany, Lindsay, Amanda, Lizzy
Looking Ahead...
Thursday, 2/12
Readings Due
TL chapter 5
So What Does it Take to Build a Democracy? (Meier, 2003) on Niihka
Seminar: Introduction to APA/finding articles for literature reviews with guest speaker, Kate Lucey
Tuesday, 2/17
Critical Cultural Competence Presentations
Guiding Questions
Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Poetter
Case Studies
Critical Cultural Competence Group Presentations
Looking Ahead
How are you?

Questions from the course so far?
Case Study Discussion
"The case report is a very valuable tool for engaging students in deeper reflection about teaching and learning" (Poetter, 2014, p. 99)
1. Teaching Huck Finn, pp. 100-103
2. Making Music, pp. 103-105
3. Including Burt?, pp. 105-107
Review the incident
What are the issues and concerns at stake in this case?
What practical theories clash?
What would you have done differently if you were the author/the teacher?
What types of teacher leadership (or not!) do the people in the case enact?
Teacher Inquiry Reflections
How could you see teacher inquiry looking in your current and future experiences in the classroom?

What questions do you have about the process?

What is a question that you would like to examine through the PAOR action cycle? (Talk through the steps)
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