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Blood Surety

No description

Kareem Osman

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Blood Surety

TOM 's Story This is Tom .
He is celebrating his 11th birthday He is planning to do alot of fun. But ... Tom knows that he has a chronic genetic blood disease called ... It means that his RBCs are destructed more rapidly causing anemia , iron deposition in tissues and Bone deformity Thalassemia Let's get closer It was estimated that
1,000/1.5 million per year live births suffer from thalassemia in Egypt Clinical Signs Treatment Thalassemia Bone deformities in the face Pale skin & jaundice -Fatigue
-Growth failure Typical treatment in Egypt includes : Blood transfusion Chelation (Desferal ) Thalassemia creates
a social and financial burden for the patients' family and the Egyptian government Dummy's Story This is a Blood drop called Dummy It knows that it can help TOM to have a normal life Dummy knows that Tom needs Blood transfusion every month or even every 2 weeks So, It filled an application and joined ... Blood Surety Project Your help can make difference Designed By : Presented By : Kareem Osman ------------
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