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Life as a Playwright

No description

Lane Hanson

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Life as a Playwright

Life as an Elizabethan Playwright The quality of life as a playwright in the Elizabethan era ranged from being pretty glamorous and wealthy, to living in a box. It all depended on what kind of play you wrote and how well you wrote it. By Lane Hanson
Alex Herrit And Playwrights Being a playwright then, back in the 16th and 17th century, was kinda like being an actor today. They all had varying levels of success. For the purpose of this assignment, we will be basing this off only the most succesful of playwrights. Annual Income The average playwright in the 16th century made about 120-250 pounds annually. Thats equal to about $60,000-$125,000 today. Housing Most Elizebethan playwrights chose the high life, and chose large houses to hold themselves and their families. Take Shakespeare for example. He purchased the second largest house in Stratford, London. This place was so big, it had 10 fireplaces. Reputation Playwrights were widely respected and accepted as upper class citizens in elizabethan times. They were all praised for being extremly intelligent and very wealthy. Overall Being a Playwright must've been pretty awesome, you would have to work a lot but the payoff was pretty incredible. Bibliography http://www.william-shakespeare.info/ http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk http://stevensonae7.weebly.com/elizabethan-playwrights.html http://en.wikipedia.org
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