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Valley Youth House Presentation

PPL Co-ops Presentation

Luis Alvarado

on 30 July 2012

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Transcript of Valley Youth House Presentation

Your Path to Success Finding a Job Resume builders
Communication skills
Experience Working Towards Your Goal PPL Co-ops Present Deciding Your Next Move School or work
Career services
Research jobs

Top Tips (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Do research!
What subject do you like?
General requirements?
Classes to fit your major
What are your needs? Find out if night or online classes are offered
Textbooks! Find them online Professors

They make a difference!

RateMyProfessor.com Services
What does your college offer?
Find out!
On campus jobs
Library front desk job
Day care program
Introduce yourself
Study groups
Build relationships Get involved! Organizations/Clubs Arrive early to class Rachel Morrow Penn State Andrew Knauss Cornell University First few weeks Success (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Time Management Work Friends Family Class Study Grades High School College In class 30+ hours In class 12-15 hours Teachers tell you what's due for the next day You're expected to read the syllabus for assignments due dates Around 30-35 students/class Can range from 10-500+ students/class How do I manage everything? Organize
Set goals
Utilize every spare minute
Avoid procrastination
Plan for the unexpected Calendar
Daily Planner
Due dates
Routine Distractors:
Facebook Designate a time
Environment Go somewhere else
Difficult assignment Seek help -Plan ahead
-Know your responsibilities
-Be flexible -Set aside time for random events
-Do assignments ahead of time
-Prioritize Prioritize: Decision Matrix Urgency Importance High Low High Low Assignment due
tomorrow Paper due in a month
Test in 2 weeks Phone call
Pop quiz Email
Join extra curricular What do you want to accomplish? This week, month, year?
- Join organizations/clubs
- Career
- Build resume
- Write down a goal and share it with the person next to you Out of class 0-5 hours Out of class 24-45+ hours Communications expert Before Classes start... Greek Life Sport Activities Know your purpose Prepare for
Class Getting organized Encourage
yourself Study Buddy Use the resources! Dress for success Classes
Advisers Organize Set Goals Utilize Every Minute Procrastination Plan for the Unexpected Go with a purpose
Use the resources that are available to you
Prioritize and schedule
Achieve your goal! Take Aways dsfgkjlsdfgk;l Time management expert Online job search
Company's Website
Career Services
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