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Mike Huckabee

No description

Tenzin Dadhol

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee
Tenzin Dadhol
Block 8
November 5th, 2015
Economy/Job Policies
Foreign Policy
National Security
Health Care Policies
Candidate of Presidential Election
Tax Policy
Immigration Policy
Mike Huckabee
60 years old
Hope, Arkansas
Politician/talk show host from 2008 - jan 2015
Abolish the IRS
Pass FairTax
brings trillions of dollars in offshore investment and manufacturing back to the United States - creating millions of good jobs for American workers.

lowers everyone's tax rates, untaxes the poor, broadens the tax base, and helps protect Social Security and Medicare.

guarantees criminals, illegal immigrants, and all who operate in the underground economy pay their fair share - not just hard working Americans who play by the rules.

guarantees Washington bureaucrats don't have access to your personal financial information.

(Huckabee, 2016)
Infrastructure projects: start immediately, for stimulus. (Feb 2008)
Do things differently so people need not sacrifice
Q: What sacrifices would you ask Americans to make to lower the country’s debt?

A: Sometimes it’s not so much doing things so that people sacrifice; it’s doing them differently. Let me give you an example.
A lot of the federal budget goes to health care. We need to do what most American companies are finding works in reducing health care cost. That’s moving from the intervention-based health care model to a prevention-based.
Our current model is upside-down. We wait until people are catastrophically ill and then we spend the most expensive ways of trying to cure incurable diseases. If we would put the focus on prevention, we would find, like American business is finding, that there really is savings if you
kill the snake rather than just treat the snakebites, which is the way our current system is built.
I hope we’re not headed toward recession, but if we are, there’s
four factors
that will be the reason.
Fuel prices: Everything costs more because it took more money to transport it.
With our
dependency upon foreign oil, if we don’t begin to revers that and become energy independent, we well could continue this enslavement to foreign oil, and ultimately wreck our economy.
Subprime mortgages: Two million people today in America risk losing their homes.
Now, there’s
culpability on both lender, as well as a lot of borrowers who bought more home than they could.
Health care costs
Education costs
. All those factors together.
And a lot of people are working harder this year than a year ago, and yet they’re not getting ahead. Even if they make more money, they’re not making enough money to make up. So the first thing is
not raise taxes, cut the marginal tax rates, if anything, and eventually go to a fair tax which really does stop the penalties on people’s productivity.
Fuel prices & subprime mortgages possibly cause recession
"Rebuild America’s military superiority. The best way to avoid conflict is to build a lethal fighting force so strong and powerful that no one would dare mess with us.
Reject Obama’s crisis-management approach to the world. We need a President who will accept responsibility and lead."
No summer vacation for Congress until the Iran deal is killed.
"ObamaCare simply doubles down on this backwards, broken, flawed and failing system. We need honesty, leadership and real reform. As President, I will repeal ObamaCare and fight for real health care reform."
ObamaCare raided $700 billion from Medicare. This is not reform — it’s theft.

We must reject government dependency.

We need solutions and choices — not government mandates and new taxes.
"America has an immigration crisis on its hands, and it’s time for the federal government to do its job. Without a secure border, nothing matters."
Oppose amnesty.
Secure the border now.
Reject President Obama's unconstitutional executive orders.
"We have drug cartels running reckless on our southern border, and the Washington establishment wants to reward illegal immigrants with amnesty and citizenship."
Energy/Environment Policies
"I believe in self-reliance. We have hundreds of years of available energy underneath our feet and all around us. We can power ourselves out of this deep economic hole with common sense energy independence.
Let’s put American workers back to work, build our economy, and restore our nation’s security with American-made, homegrown energy.
We should explore and exploit all forms of domestically produced energy — oil, gas, wind, solar, bio-fuels, hydro-electric, nuclear, coal — anything and everything."
My Opinion
hes a vague candidate and
seems like he has empty promises.
most of his policies
were just broad, not too specific.
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Quotes and

44th governor of Arkansas
1996 - 2007
Full transcript