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3D Modeling

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Namra Atta

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of 3D Modeling

Output Input Process Evaluate Step: Step: Step: Step: What is 3D Modeling? How did we use the
3D Modeling concept to achieve our successful 3D Models? We Used 3D Max It is a 3 dimensional computer graphics software that enables its users to create animations, 3D Models and images. It has all the tools and things that allows you to bring your animation to life. We used it to understand the basic concepts of 3D Modeling. What is... 3D Max Design Process THE What is the Design Process? The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. The Steps involved in the Design Process. Input Process Output Evaluate The ‘Design Process’ helps us think through the steps we need to take to solve a design problem. It is like a tool box that we occasionally refer to. It is used to keep our thoughts & ideas organized. Also, it helps guide us to a good solution. This is how 1 used it... Information Process Using the 7 Forms of Thinking! An Alternate
'Design Process' diagram 3D Max is a multi-purpose software. Its main purpose is to allow architects to design blueprints on the computer instead of by hand; which could take double the time & effort. These designs could include, schools, offices, buildings, houses and even stores. Also, they could be minor things, such as phones, tables, chairs etc. What can 3D Max be used to make? We used the 3D Max (inc. in Autodesk) software to create our drawings. This ensured our drawing's efficiency and educated us of the various components of Corel & how its used in our society today. Resources To complete this rotation a set of different resources were put together to help us understand this module better. Create approximately 7 3D Max drawings
Learn how to use the software
Try to create an animation
Apply your knowledge through a reflection
Complete a set of thinking questions The "Input" component of our designing structure would include: the resources we used & knowing what we have to be able to produce an outcome. Document Use Throughout the time we spent using 3D Max, we used many documents provided in our pick-up folder, as well as a binder that taught us the different features of 3D Max. This binder was our guide throughout our rotation and it was how we produced our "output" (the final drawings/completed activities). Pick-Up Folder Reflection Rubric Binder Without the software itself we would get no where! So to make sure everything goes well 3D Max has to be up and running! Software! Tools A large component that led to the formation of our designs were the tools. Some include: The different toolbars in 3D Max! Tool # : Colour COLOR is an important element of 3D Max that is used to create ideas, convey messages, provoke feelings, and emphasize areas of interest. Also, when 3D Max users create models using the software, they want it to be visually appealing towards their customers (retail managers etc.). Tool # : Tool # : Tool # : Extrude is the tool that enables 3D Max users to create the 3 Dimensional effect on an image. The letters/images are pushed/forced out when this tool is applied. It is the base of 3D Max and hence the most important! Extrude Without the color, this design would look less appealing. Pan The Pan/Move tool was an important part of the 3D Max software. This because it was a big help when we required assistance in moving the image/animation around to make it look more realistic (3D). Also, it makes it easier to move a page around when you are zoomed in to one corner of an image. Knowledge, Thinking & Planning Lead To... This is where all the 'process', from "design process", comes from. It consists of many, many, many, components. In this step we put all the pieces together for our final OUTPUT! Investigating Analyzing & Understanding Goal Our goal was to create various complex 3D Max designs/animations using the program itself and some resources that would help us understand the software, and its use in society. Analysis & Understanding A Better Solution What helped achieve our goal! CONSTRUCT Throughout this 4th rotation,we went through many times where we had to go back & start over. This way we learnt not to repeat some mistakes and understood how to use the 3D Max software better. Precisely, we analyzed our faults and understood ways to improvise. To make it easier for us to understand 3D Max and its functions, we carefully followed the instructions given to us through the binder. We even scheduled our time wisely and used it in a way that allowed us to complete each activity with precision. Along the way, we used many resources to help us with our module. This being; the binder, moodle, peer/teacher assistance, internet, templates, student examples, vocabulary refreshers etc. To construct each drawing we followed step by step instructions from our module binders. Each drawing was to be exactly as the examples shown and hence every activity had to be done with precision. SOLUTION moodle assistance binder Now We've Reached our GOAL! As a result we have come up with: Summing up all of our hard work, we came to an output of 7+, various 3D Max designs. As a whole, this rotation was a great challenge that taught us everything we need to know about designing various products and using a variety of graphic tools to convey an effective message. Reflection-PREZI

Completed Moodle Quizzes

Thinking Questions Answered

Quiz on 3D Modeling

7+ 3D Max Designs Some Completed Designs: BBT(s) Involved Careers That Apply 1 2 3 Work Habits undamental oncepts Essential Skills The broad based technologies that 3D Modeling, would fall under would be: Computer Technology, Aesthetics, Technological Design and Transportation. Most commonly Aesthetics, because your animation has to bring out attention and come to life with the 3D effects it provides. The career that would include skills that I learned here would be: 3D Video Gaming, TV Commercials, Architectural Visualization Studios, Architecture, Engineering etc. Most relatively, 3D Gaming because the game itself would need to look 3 dimensional to attract people’s attention and make the game feel/look more realistic. Good work habits are required for working with any resource and with all kinds of people. Some work habits that apply to the 3D Max software would be, Working independently, Organization, Teamwork, Initiative, and Reliability. It’s really important to stay on task and create precise animations, so that when its time to bring it to a 3D authorization figure, it wouldn’t lose its look (aesthetics). The essential skills I needed to complete this rotation would be: Reading, Document use, Computer Use and Thinking. These were very important to complete my activities, and without applying these skills I would lack 3D Modeling's initial purpose. One of the fundamental concepts would be fabrication. This is because Fabrication is a process that we can follow to yield a result. As we design the object we need to follow a certain process, for it to become precise. As well, we have to follow step-by-step instructions to be more accurate. An example of 3D Gaming. Computer Use Using computers and other forms of technology is essential while using 3D Max because it enables the software and is the sole of this module. Finding and evaluating information to make rational decisions or to organize work. Three components of Thinking in the Ontario Technological Studies Curriculum are Planning, Information Processing and Problem Solving. In 3D Modeling all of these are required to make a successful design. Finding, understanding or entering information (e.g. text, symbols, numbers) in various types of documents, such as tables or forms can be really important when understanding the 3D Max software. Understanding/Analyzing materials written in sentences or paragraph (e.g. letters, manuals) can be really helpful when working with 3D Max. BBT'S Computer Technology Aesthetics Transportation (Design) Technological Design Organization Teamwork Reliability Initiative An example of TV Commercials. An example of Architectuaral Visualizaton (Studio). An example of Architecture. An example of Engineering. The aspects of a product, process, service or system that make it pleasing to the human senses. "The act or process of forming and assembling components and / or materials and resources to create a product, structure, system or service.
We can liken Fabrication to "building" and "creating".
Fabrication is a process that we can follow to yield a result." Fabrication: Assembling pieces together. My Opinion Evaluation Overall, what went well was; we learnt how to use the basic 3D Max features and maybe 1 day can apply it to our careers. Challenges What didn't go to well was; we weren't able to experience challenging functions and weren't able to completely familiarize ourselves with the software, in the past 10 days. Hopefully, we can continue using the software and experiment with its other features. At the end, we were able to complete all the drawings efficiently, and that's what matters most. Maybe in future I can apply my knowledge of 3D Max, into what I want to become. A short 3D Max Tutorial: By: Namra Atta My "Thinking" Questions ... 3D Modeling is the process of developing a representation of any 3-dimensional surface of an object (either inanimate or living). The final product is called a 3D Model. It can be displayed as a 2-dimensional image as well. These models can be designed by a specialized softawre known as 3D Max. Overall, what went well was; we learnt how to use the basic 3D Max features and maybe 1 day can apply it to our careers. A career that I am considering for the future, is of a child specialist (pediatrician). This rotation has taught me patience and how learning new & different things can be 1 step towards being a different person and giving something a different approach. I will apply all the knowledge I have discovered here, because this rotation was not only abut the software, but what goes into working it. A Pediatrician!
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