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Part 2 SOW

Part 2 SOW

Peter Cao

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Part 2 SOW

外媒纷纷报道 Digital Marketing Support Loyalty Digital Program Corporate Digital
Tools for promotion Business Intelligence Campaign Reporting
& Evaluation Digital Promotion
Execution Digital Promotion
Planning Digital Promotion
Consultancy Central Shared Digital Service Digital Marketing Support Explore & Secure
Partnership for campaigns Current SOW of Digital Marketing Corporate Education IELTS Society English Arts Loyalty
Digital Program Business
Intelligence Corporate
Digital tools
For promotion Central Shared Digital Service Consultancy Reporting &
Evaluation Planning Execution Digital
Partnership Annual planning input
Event/campaign brainstorming
Infrastructure setup
Potential digital partners or KOLs recommendation
Scorecard evaluation
Handling ad-hoc esquires Develop annual plans on digital for projects
Develop digital marketing orientated campaigns or events that require digital marketing support
Corporate digital campaign planning Interpret project needs for digital partnership
Short-listing potential targeted partners
Preparation for pitching materials
Agreement negotiation, roles and responsibilities When agency involved:
Briefing, supervising & monitoring digital material production
When no agency involved:
Campaign preparation in terms of process design, user journey design, content development, promotion plan, database setup etc.
Campaign execution, also including database management, logistic, on-site event management
Digital partner resources negotiation and QC on partner deliverable On-going campaign monitoring reports
End of campaign reports
Evaluation on overall campaign performance and each touch-points that feed into scorecard etc. More projects start to adopt digital elements
Digital marketing support shifting from 1.0 to 2.0 reflecting digital mind-set change

More senior managers opened Chinese social media account

More projects start to invest staff timing on digital and less digital marketing team involvement on execution CRM: central database management, strategic partner management
EDM/SMS: backbone communication for event/campaign invitation & ongoing communication
Corporate online presence: including corporate social media platforms as owned media to promote projects Monitoring & examining internal core digital assets performance
Generating insights to provide recommendation on how to improve
The key is to influence internal audience perception on digital
The first edition of digital performance monthly report is ready that focusing on key website only by using analytic tools from global digital team
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