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Coordinate Plane: Graphing Ordered Pairs

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Whitney Baker

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Coordinate Plane: Graphing Ordered Pairs

The points to the right and above the origin represent positive coordinates.
The points to the left and below the origin represent negative coordinates.
Terms to know:
Four sections of a rectangular coordinate plane.
Locate the Quadrants



Ordered Pairs
A set of two numbers arranged in a particular order. Written as (x,y), in which the x is the horizontal coordinate and y is the vertical coordinate.
Plot an Ordered Pair
To plot an ordered pair, you must start at the origin.

Hint: "Across the runway before you can takeoff."
Coordinate Plane: Graphing Ordered Pairs
Coordinate plane: The plane determined by a horizontal line (X-Axis) and vertical line (Y-Axis), intersecting at a point call the origin.
example. (2,-3)

Study Jams
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