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Marcus k

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Lions

Life cycle
Did you know?
Lions are the second biggest cats after ligers.e.g Half lion half tiger.
Lions roar can be header from 8km
The heaviest lions weight recorded was 375kg.
Lions in the wild live up to 12 years and in captivity upto 25 years.
Lions are tawny or golden in color. Males and females are both similar in color. Males have large bushy Manes, while lionesses look like a large feline cat. The males mane starts from the neck and down to the beginning of the back . Adult lions can weigh 250 kg.
Diet and hunting prey
Lions eat flesh. They get there flesh from Impalas, Zebras, Buffaloes, Deers, Nigilas, Elands, Wild Boars, Warthogs, Kudu and many, many more. They catch their prey by stalking it for 30km.
Lions are a part of the big cat family. There scientific name is Panthera leo. They are called the king of the jungle because only a few things can kill them.
Lions aren't that fast. Their top speed is 48-59km/hr. Their normal walking speed is 3-4km/hr. The furthest jump by a lion has been recorded as 36 ft.
By Marcus K

Lions start of blind and weigh 30kg. Around a year old, lions are teenagers, but still get treated like a baby. Then, after5-6 years the lion is fully grown which is when they start breeding, then the life-cycle starts all over again!
Lions status is vulnerable. They are dying because of humans hunting them and diseases spread through hyenas.
Here is a video of a lion hunting prey. Hope you find it interesting.
Type of resource
1.Computer Lion alert Lion alert.org
2.Computer Zoos Victoria Zoos.org
3.Computer A-Z Animals Animals.org
4.Computer Lions at Animal cn lions at animal
5. Zoo Werribee zoo Werribee, Vic
Thank you for listening.

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