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Flannel: Not Just Your Grandma's Pajamas

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Flannel: Not Just Your Grandma's Pajamas

Flannel: Not Just your Grandma's Pajamas
What is a Flannel Story?
Flannels from Books
Flannels with Puppets
Flannels to Sing
Flannels as a Game
Flannels for Counting
Flannels for Babies
Flannels that Retell a Story
Flannels as Poetry
A hybrid from any - or all! - of the above
Where do you get ideas?
Storytime planning books
Flannel & the Five Practices
By Monica Stratton and Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library
Find us online!
Monica Stratton blogs at

Anna Haase Krueger can be found at
and tweets as @opinionsbyanna
Flannel or felt



Fabric scissors

Sharpie or puff paint

Purchase online or from your local craft store, like Michael's or Joann Fabric

We like Tacky Glue, but most fabric glue will work. Many people use hot glue as well.
Just regular Scotch tape
A good, sharp pair of scissors is essential. It's best to keep a pair just for flannel.
These are optional, but those little details can make a big difference

Getting Started

You'll need
easel or lap board
purchased flannel pieces OR
to create your own sets
A weekly blog event where librarians across the world share their creations and ideas
A Pinterest group with over 3,300 images and 6,300 followers
A Facebook community, 700 people strong, full of advice, resources, and camaraderie


What is Flannel Friday?
Head, Body, Legs
Blue Sea
Freight Train
Happy Birthday, Moon
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Five Little Apples
Five Little Acorns
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Vehicle Guessing Game
What's Inside This Pocket?
Rudolph, Rudolph
Community Helpers
Carve a Pumpkin
Poppa Puglease
On a Stick
My Snowman
One More Bite
Five Green & Speckled Frogs
Purple Car, Purple Car
One Fat Bumblebee
Five Fat Dinosaurs
Five Little Pigs
Color Balloons
Slippery Fish
Aiken Drum
Ice Cream Man
Little White Duck
The Friendly Beasts
Five Little Cupcakes
One Dinosaur
Elephants in the Bathtub
The Evergreens
Gingerbread Man
Too Much Noise
1. Find a pattern or story
2. Use Google Images to find template
3. Cut-and-paste into MS Word
4. Switch image to "behind text" for easier manipulation
Use "right-click" on your mouse to paste
Right click and scroll down to "text wrapping" and select "behind text"
Click on "Format" to change the size of image or to crop image
How to make a Flannel Story
Cut out image and tape to felt, covering ALL EDGES.
Retelling of a book or traditional story
Any story that is sequential and the pieces progress left to right
Stories that emphasize shape recognition
Stories that have a strong beginning, middle, and end
via Read Rabbit Read http://bit.ly/16VH8lN
Cut felt using taped template - cut on the
of the black edge.
Now you have the black background/base.
Take the cut-out template and tape onto a colored piece of flannel.
Cut out on the colored flannel, this time making your cut on the
of the black border.
You should now have all the colored pieces cut out, having left blank space where the black lines were.
Use tacky glue to attach the colored pieces to the black background. Cut out an eye and glue this to the face. Voila!
Using this method, make more dinos and use at storytime -rawwrr!!
Try using different colors ...
... or patterns!
Things to consider before you create:
What is the return on investment for the project?
What size pieces are appropriate for your group?
Does "Flannelizing" the story add something that was lacking?
How can you create delight?
How can you make storytime surprising?
How can you evoke wonder?
via Future Librarian Superhero http://bit.ly/17gQpF4
Baa Baa Shape Sheep
Make a Pig
Probably the hardest practice to incorporate flannel stories
Stories where kids use fine motor skills to manipulate pieces or put them on the board
Stories or activities that focus on shapes help support letter knowledge, and prepare kids to do their own writing.

via Storytiming http://bit.ly/1csAVFV
Five Crazy Monsters
Retelling a story they just heard, "Then what happened?"
Stories or activities that require kids to give you information to proceed, "Where should we put the sun?"
Matching or sorting activities that invite conversation, "Bees fly. Should we put it with the birds, or the bugs?"
Can add 'talk' elements to nearly any story or activity.
Other Librarians
Flannel Friday
Glad Rags: Stories & Activities Featuring Clothes by Jan Irving
Raid your library's professional collection
Attend other storytimes for new ideas and inspiration
There are a wealth of storytime blogs out there--read up!
Red White Blue
via Mel's Desk http://bit.ly/mLREM8
Thanks a Lot
via Storytime Katie http://bit.ly/1aksZ4J
All flannel stories promote PLAY
Help kids grasp idea of one thing standing in for something else
Sorting and matching games build skills needed for letter recognition
Provide context for conversations and new vocabulary
Visuals help decode the sounds in songs and connect those sounds to words
Adds opportunity to discuss content
Engages kids' brains on different levels, increasing memory--and likelihood of singing at home!
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