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Origins of WW2

No description

Lisa Healow

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Origins of WW2

League of Nations founded
Germany initially banned, but joined in 1926
Left in 1933, the same year Adolf Hitler became chancellor
Japan invades mainland Asia
Italy occupies Ethiopia
Civil War erupts in Spain resulting in Franco becoming Head of State
German troops occupy Rhineland
Before Treaty of Versailles
After Treaty of Versailles
World War I ends with German defeat
Origins of World War 2 Europe/Asia
1931 - invaded Manchuria
1934 - terminated Five-Power Naval Treaty
1937 - invaded China
1935 - conquered Ethiopia
1938 - aided Franco in Spanish Civil War
"Believe! Obey! Fight!"
Treaty of Versailles = reparations of $33 billion for Germany
Anti-Semitism: discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews
1935 Nuremberg Laws
forbade intermarriages
restricted property rights
barred Jews from civil service, universities, and all professional and managerial occupations
Kristallnacht - November 9, 1938
"the night of the broken glass"
Anti-Comintern Pact (1936)
Germany and Japan

Rome-Berlin Axis (1936)
Germany and Italy
Third Reich:
the reunification of all German-speaking peoples of Europe

facism - a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationalism and racism and no tolerance of opposition
Germany annexed Austria and Sudetenland
"peace in our time"
accepting demands in order to avoid conflict
Non-aggression treaty (1939)
Germany and Soviet Union
Forming Alliances
Route Japanese aircraft carries took from Japan to Hawaii

Benito Mussolini
ruled 1922-1943
Neville Chamberlain
Adolf Hitler
attach, add especially to something larger or more important; when one country takes control of another country's piece of land
contested land between Germany and France; Germany was banned from the area in Treaty of Versailles
German-speaking western Czechoslovakia
German troops occupy Rhineland
Germany annexed Austria and Sudetenland
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