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No description

Tadhg Mc

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of LONDON

Trafalgar Square
Frank's Cafe
Sea Life London Aquarium
Beatle's Zebra Crossing
Camden Town

Hyde Park
Tower Bridge
8 s - jess arrives <3
9 m - welcome jess
10 t - *___________________*
11 w - buckingham palace
12 t - abbey road
13 f - hugs
14 s - hugs
15 s - hugs

16 m - hyde park
17 t - hugs
18 w - aquarium | london eye
19 t - royal museum greenwich
20 f - hugs
21 s - Paris
22 s - very important date

23 m - Paris
24 t - hugs
25 w - frank's cafe (bring blanket)
26 t - tower bridge | some bar
27 f - hugs (possibly ireland)
28 s - hugs (possibly ireland)
29 s - hugs

30 m - camden town
1 t - hugs
2 w - hugs
3 t - hugs
4 f - hugs
5 s - hugs
Buckingham Palace

Royal Museum Greenwich
London Eye
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Louvre Museum
Notre Dame
.--- . ... ... / - -.-- --. -..-
- .... . / -.-. ..- - . ... -
this dude is so cute
this chick is beautiful
tygx kissing &
hugging jess <3
and sexy
v perfect *-*
I fall in love all the time *-*

Jet Black top plus striking
white/illuminous pink
Not sure about this
Maybe the photo
makes it look good,
but it really fits the mood
of what I see in BlackJune

I like the cut of the top although it shows
a lot of her body. The pants look nice
Socks and skirt *-*
Beautiful dress!
I don't like the sneakers
(nice background btw)
I really like the sleeves
of the top
those shoes ruin everything
This is super futuristic, i like
everything about it
Cute and strong at the same time
(boots *-*)
I loved this shirt, awesome, i've noticed these kind of sleeves with uncovered shoulders are a trend
This kind of shirt goes well with anything.
Very cool shoes
BlackJune summer collection~~~
Layers can definitely improve a look
This one is futuristic too! Very good

I like the overcoat, it makes everything look more
white shirt and black jacket
always works
where everything isn't just black
it's the details
my baby <3
08.06 (Sunday) -
we arrived in London

09.06 (Monday) -
Trafalgar Square. I arrived first and kept looking around searching for TYGX who came later on. I was near the steps when I saw him for the first time. TYGX seemed to walk really calmly while I was very nervous.

So I went upstairs towards the place we planned to meet.

Watching him approach was the most sweet experience, I felt powerful as that was so difficult and unlikely to happen. But still, meant to be. I did what I had been longing to do for years: hugged him. Tight. And got lost in space and time, I remember saying "you are so tall".

We walked through the square, and down the streets, always hugging. I avoided looking too much at him at the beginning, because I was still a bit nervous, but it gradually turned into a placid excitement.
Hugging was necessary and we did it plenty of times. Long. While protecting ourselves from the raindrops. I wouldn't mind if it rained forever x). Wandering around, we got into the building (Royal Festival Hall, Table 18, last floor.) where, after talking, laughing, silencing, looking and holding each others hands, we first kissed. Lovely surrender. I got lost in time and space for the second time. Then, walked along the Thames and headed to a dark pier from where the lights of the city looked beautiful and far, as far as real life. Immersed in this peaceful atmosphere, we kissed again.

10.06 (Tuesday) -
Greenwich museum | we met at the bus stop and walked to the park, there was a beautiful view of the city. We laid on the ground and hugged/kissed for hours. All of our belongings scattered on the ground, money, earrings, sunglasses. It was cold but TYGX kept me warm. When it got late and colder we left the park and looked for the underground

11.06 (Wednesday) -
Abbey Road

12.06 (Thursday) - Valentines day (in Brazil) | TWH - Tea with hugs | Tadhg and I planned to start the day in my place. Tea, white wine, music and us alone. We discovered each other and learned even more about ourselves. Deeply. We consolidated as a pair. We felt that day should not be finished so we remained there until the next sun. His arms around me made me feel peaceful and safe and I fell asleep (faster than I wanted) with the sound of his voice.

13.06 (Friday) - Starbucks, Hyde Park (swing, pedal, lying on a playgrond big swing), we ran and had a slush puppy at the tube station, Trafalgar sq, music store, convent garden, apple store and long kiss

14.06 (saturday) - Queen's birthday, we met at the outside the pub and walked really far, this is when we took the picture on your desk, naked bike ride, hotdog, we walked to the big ben area and took a few pictures there, National Gallery?? (I told my parents on whatsapp i went to the national gallery this day, was it when you asked the dude his skateboard and after that we laid on the grass close to trafalgar sq?)

15.06 (Sunday) - Candem Town, we looked at different hats, you wore a white jacket and looked so sexy, the leather jacket shop with the crazy lady, the rick owens clothes shop, the markets and first time i ate one of your favourite brazilian food, you left to workk T-T we phone called each other for the first time, that's when i got my sim

16.06 (Monday) - The Eagles' concert -Barbican centre, another music shop, looking for a place to print the tickets. We found a place and it was about to close, but TYGX saves the day, we used the computer longer than we should and then pretended to be upset when it went off without TYGX logging out facebook, the man let us use the other pc and we finally printed them. We ran to the station (i remember we hurried but i don't really remember when we walked or ran to a station) to go to the O2 Arena. We met Michelle there and walked together to the concert's place. We didn't stay too long and left it before the second half because we didn't know the songs and the music wasn't very attractive. Walked around the O2, got into a weird restaurant and kissed there (the waiter saw us) and found a place to eat, spent a couple of hours and left. Tygx had a "all you can eat" plate with a massive ham, I had fish & chips.

17.06 (Tuesday) - Brazil x Mexico match, pub and Jamie Oliver restaurant shepherds bush

18.06 (Wednesday) - EIGHTEENTH OF JUNE. I met TYGX in Limehouse Station and we headed to Silvia's apartment where he had moved in the day before. I wore a new shirt and cat tights I had bought the day before at Portobello Road. TYGX wore a cool white shirt and black pants. We stayed in the apartment for a few minutes while TYGX finished editing and printing stuff and then left for a bike ride with Silvia and Trent's bikes.

Perfect weather, the sun was shining bright and the area was beautiful and lovely. We cycled on the riverside pathway and everything around looked so cheerful and so were we. At the end of the pathway, a little far from the people we stopped and just enjoyed the view, and ourselves. The best perspective I've ever seen London from: hearing the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, under a warm sun and wrapped in TYGX's arms. The waves soon started to invade the riverside and we grabbed our things from the ground quickly. The ride back was as lovely. I filmed TYGX and the view as I cycled and we did the "bike kiss".

We placed the bikes inside the apartment, talked very fast to Silvia and Trent and went to TYGX's provisional room. After talking, taking lots of pictures and listening to music with his nice headphones we just laid on the big bed. Everything had been perfect so far and we were happy and excited to be together alone again. That's when everything went more than perfect, love, love, love, love, loveeee.....quietly. The wall was broken and I felt an incredible feeling I had never felt before. It was a sweet moment I will never forget, an amazing pain. I must mention my eyes got red after TYGX's fountain and we recorded a video inside the room.

It started to get darker but we could still see each other's silhouette against the light from the window. We left the silent apartment and went upstairs to the roof. The city view was stunning, lights and cool buildings, trains running. Warm hugs and kisses. The most perfect of all perfect days was over.

19.06 (Thursday) - I met TYGX again at Limehouse, he was wearing the blue shirt, the apartment was empty, I would wait him pack his things and we would hang out after. but we ended up staying more than planned, Silvia arrived and heard us and Tadhg was kicked out. It was worth but we went back home too early that day.

08.06 (Sunday) -

London Luton Airport at 9AM. London Heathrow Airport at 12:30PM.
09.06 (Monday) -

Walking towards the meeting point at Trafalgar Square. Moments later, catching her eye, a rush of nerves, and hugging tight. Side by side, through vibrant streets, where nothing is as attractive as this sense of familiarity.

Busking musicians and fashion stores take up the streets building our conversation
into what we've been through before, but not like this. Sun showers encourage us to move in for shelter. We embrace naturally, under the hood. Hand in hand, an open space. Sliding doors, up the lift, to a couch with a view. Our conversation leading to the first kiss.

Waking up from the kiss, the bright skies turned to night. The clock says ten minutes past. A room
filled with sunsets and square canvases. The sheets of glass turned blue while we lay down on the couch. Ten second kiss in the lift. A gust of wind and a sense of relief. This longing. Jess is in my arms as we walk and see ourselves in the glass reflection. We stop and say very little, this frame speaks so much to us. Our first photo together taken within moments of our response.

The pier, and a crowd moving to the side as if they somehow knew about JESS|TYGX. With little hesitation, we move forward and passionately embrace. The rain begins to hammer in the night. The breathtaking view of the city skyline of London and river thames mirroring orange lit streets. I see myself in Jess's eyes, an accomplished reward very quickly ignites consciously excited thoughts; I am here with you, this is real.

Farewell at the station, the long goodbye.

10.06 (Tuesday) -
Hurrying to the bus stop to see Jéss again. Sitting next to her, we begin from where we were last. A different part of London, by Greenwich Park. The glazing sun through the shivering trees, we lie down and kiss for hours. The ambience of pure escapism, total bliss.

Laying awake beside Jessica and taking in this new experience, feeling overwhelmed and achieved. My memory of Jess and I together in person is nothing short of incredible.

XXII TEA SHIP. This reminded us to have TWH.

11:06 (Wednesday)
I see Jess at St Johns Cross Station, and she has a Beatle's bag. Soon enough we find the zebra crossing. Slowly crossing the road together for the first time and finding Abbey Road Studios. Jess has a marker, we write our names on every sign and wall of the studios gate in big and bold.
20.06 (Friday) band practice in Elephant and Castle with TYGX's cousin flight to paris

21.06 paris

22.06 paris

23.06 flight home

24.06 (tuesday) I skipped class hand on hard shot, made noises, ran for the tube

25.06 wed london eye aquarium

26.06 thurs Library next to Trafalgar Sq and Thai restaurant (spent a lot of time there)

27.06 fri *.*

28.06 sat blackheath

29.06 sun blackheath

30.06 mon blackheath too

01.07 tues met at victoria station you were wearing white and it felt like i hadn't seen you in so long / tower of london / italian restaurant

02.07 wed buying shoes / tygx went to work and i went to harrods / milkshakes at proper burger

03.07 thurs sherlock museum / "i'm hungryy" / Abbey Road again / Shisha

04.07 fri rockstars walking shower

05.07 sat T.T
Today is the happiest day ever. The most incredible guy in the universe asked me to marry him. 07.11.14
The girl of my dreams said YES.
03 days
15/mar S- TYGX arrives 7:30pm
16/mar M- Natal Tour
17/mar T- Genipabu/zip line
18/mar W- Dunas
19/mar T- Scuba Diving
20/mar F- Mall
21/mar S- Pipa
22/mar S- Pipa
23/mar M- Pipa
24/mar T- Cidade
25/mar W- Ponta Negra beach
26/mar T- JESS|TYGX Leaving 9:30pm
27/mar F- Arrive in London to our home
28/mar S- <3
29/mar S- <3
30/mar M- <3
Work hard in translations/architecture

- website. card. research companies.
- website, freelancer jobs, improve portfolio

Fashion / Music

- make time to produce electronic music
- create new alias
- blackjune
- modeling

Get married

- Ireland in Easter
- Apply
- Legal Marriage in the Summer
- Honeymoon
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