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Urban Photography

No description

Lily Lam

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Urban Photography

Urban Photography:
Built Environment-
There are many small parks like this one in Rowland Heights
There are always a lot of people coming here to use the basketball court, tennis court, or the jungle gym equipment. Little league games are held here every other weekend, and occasionally people will host parties in one of the two gazebos. My dad comes here every morning to practice tai chi with other people from the neighborhood.
There are a lot of recreational areas that make healthy living/active lifestyle available to people of all ages,
Well-lit parks located in safe, residential areas
Walking distance from many homes and from two schools
Service & Built Environment -
Recreational facilities make healthy living/active lifestyle available to people of all ages.
Every Sunday for the last year, my boyfriend and I would go to Suzanne Park to practice Shaolin Weng Chun with our class.
There are a lot of informal classes where people would meet to exercise
They are free of charge and open to anyone who want to join.
Healthy living and an active lifestyle is available to people of all ages.
Its safe for people to jog, bike, hike, and walk dogs
In safe, quiet, isolated area
Roads are smooth and wide - ideal for long boarding :)
Built Environment -
The roads in the residential areas are wide, well-lit, and do not have a lot of through-traffic
Lily Lam

A large portion of Rowland’s population is Asian.
Cheap, wholesome, and simple Asian foods are available
This is a picture of the kids table taken during my grandpa’s 93rd birthday party
Food/Nutrition Environment
Food/Nutrition Environment
This is Nogales High School. Right across the street from the school are several convenience stores, restaurants and coffee shops.
Service & Nutrition/Food Environment
There is literally an Asian supermarket located within 2 miles from each other.
Here lots of exotic vegetables and fruits and fresh seafood are sold for very cheap
Lots of hard to find spices and grains
Not a lot of frozen or pre-made food.
Rowland gets a lot of its foot traffic by people coming to try popular,trendy foods like Half and Half boba, Boiling Crab, and Guppies
These snack foods are usually unhealthy, fat-laden, and processed
Because these foods are very cheap to make and profitable to sell, a lot of these kinds of stores open up
Hang out spots for young people
Other than the parks, restaurants, and Puente Hills Mall, there is not a lot to do in Rowland. Rowland is mostly residential housing, and is very spacious and isolated.
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