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Ted Talk: Lesson From Death Row Inmates

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Kacey Ferguson

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Ted Talk: Lesson From Death Row Inmates

Ted Talk: Lesson From Death Row Inmates

Lessons From Death Row Inmates by David R. Dow
In order to decrease the number of criminals placed on death row, early intervention into troubled childhoods will benefit society on a moral and economic stand point.
The three key points that were suggested by David R. Dow to support this thesis were:

Specialized Bar for Juveniles
Sherill Small
Charles Rumbaugh
Dalton Prejean
Shaka Sankofa
What's the connection between these 4 individuals that were executed? Each committed a crime that could of been prevented if the proper steps had been taken in early childhood.
Intervene Aggressively Into Homes
Rethink Punishments
Discussion Questions
1. Do you think our world would be safer with an increase in intervention institutions for troubled youth within our big cities?
2. What are other methods that could potentially prevent troubled children from falling into the 4 chapter murder story?
3. Why do you think the government is willing to fund the 4 chapter murder story rather than funding the 5 point intervention stages?
4. Do you agree that paying more attention to the earlier stages of troubled children will help prevent society from creating these criminals?
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