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Ahmed Seif El Din

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Your journey to financial freedom with Financial Pipeline Financial Pipeline Welcome to Financial Pipeline Feel Free To Contact us Financial Pipeline This describes how you can benefit from our system
applying it in the most profitable,legitimate business plan Everything About The Business Opportunity Follow the 3 basic steps What's Financial Pipeline? Its a group of successful leaders in the network marketing industry Who Combined their knowledge,experience and practical solutions into a easy copy-cat system In Order To Make You a Successful Network Marketer Through Webinars Training Videos The Main Role Of Financial Pipeline Is To Train YOU! Motivate YOU! Inspire YOU! Now going to the business plan About Financial Pipeline The Business Plan "There is only 4 legal ways to earn income" -Robert Kiyosaki,the author of NY-Times best selling finance book called rich dad poor dad Trade time for money Leverage others time
for money E|S|B|I Cash Flow Quadrant It takes an average of 30-50 years to finish this journey But There is 3 ways that can make you achieve this journey in 3-5 years Network Marketing Real Estate Stock Market High risk if uneducated Requires High Capital "-Low investment
-Lowest risk
-It booms in the recession"
-Donald Trump So here is an example of the network marketing industry River People used to fill their buckets from the river on daily basis Until someone made the first water pipeline
that brought him water to his home,now he
doesn't have to go to the river anymore
while his others still do.This is the
network marketing industry.you build an organization in 3 to 5 years that brings you the financial river to your home and this is what we call financial pipeline This Financial Pipeline is Financed By A company called QNET QNET QNET Based in Hong Kong Since 1998 Now QNET has more than 8 million customers QNET Operates
in 160 countries and zones QNET has 50 offices
and agencies around
the world 100% E-commerce Direct Calls History of QNET QNET Sponsors Richard Branson's formula 1 team "Marussia" QNET is the main sponsor of the Asian Football Cup QNET Supports Vincent Kompany in his Asian Charity Tour RYTHM Raise Yourself To Help Mankind QNET has a mission which is leading its customers to reach 1,000,000 dollar USD yearly income at least since its founders truly believes in the concept of raising yourself first Now QNET as any
other company either provides products or services QNET 100,000 USD 100,000 USD 100,000 USD Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 30 Days total 3,000,000 USD Day 1 1 Cent Day 2 2 Cents Day 3 4 Cents Total 30 Days 5,300,000 USD Power of Duplication YOU! Went to a new restaurant
and you liked the food
also you paid 30$ for a
meal if you like something you won't keep it a secret,you are going to tell everyone about it. Your Friends! 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ you referred people who spent 30$ each and you Earned 0$ Bellagio-Las Vegas Caribbean Cruise Conrad-Maldives Palace of the golden horses-Malysia Prana Resort-Koh Samui,Thailand Word Of Mouth Lets see how this word of mouth concept is applied in QNET YOU! X Y You Earn 50$ You Earn 50$ You Earn 125$ U E F G After that for every 3 on the left and 3 on the right in your network you earn 225$ 3Left+3Right=225$ You need 3 Direct Referrals in your whole network Directs mean people who you referred directly to this business not one of your network members Now lets see some different scenarios WEEKS $ YOU! LEFT RIGHT 1 1 2 2 4 4 8 8 16 Average Scenario 16 1 2 3 4 5 50 175 225 675 1125 Going on a slower rate Slow Scenario Month People 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 12th month Total Profit = 153,600 USD Worst case scenario Worst case scenario it took a slow network marketer 1 year in order to have 4096 distributor in his network So the worst case scenario is the failure of achieving 4096 network marketer in your network if you have only 0.5% chance of success which means 99.5% chance of failure Then 4096x0.5% = 20 Distributor So it took you a whole year to recruit only 20 Year People Net worth of
your network 1 2 3 4 20 200 2,000 20,000 Each of them recruit 10 Each of them recruit 10 Each of them recruit 10 750 USD 7,500 USD 75,000 USD 750,000 USD 3-5 years with QNET as the worst case scenario ever
and you will change your life. Also you can increase your profit using the same effort by starting this business in the SMART way Hard way SMART way YOU 100 100 YOU earned 7500 USD
on 200 distributor in
your network. YOU 1 header scenario 3 headers scenario YOU 2 YOU 3 50 50 50 50 $3750 $3750 $7500 YOU earned total 15,000 USD on the same 200 distributor in your network. There is a yearly limit of 1,000,000 USD per header,so if you have 3 headers your limit is 3 mil USD instead of 1 mil USD. 3 header scenario is the least scenario in the smart way,there is much MORE! Levels of investment Headers Weeks Price 13,000 21 60 Yearly Max-out limit 21 Million USD 8,000 13 Million USD 13 30 5,000 7 Million USD 7 15 1000~2000 3 Million USD 3 Variety
of products 740~1000 1 Million USD 1 Variety
of products A question that pops in your head is this another pyramid scheme? Illegal Pyramid Scheme Legal Network Marketing No Product
No Education
No Equal Opportunity Valuable Product
It's success relies on educating and helping others
There is an Equal Opportunity QNET is not a MLM company QNET is a member in the direct selling association of Malaysia and Singapore QNET based on a binary plan instead of a normal MLM compensation plan The commissions are fixed they don't downgrade by levels When you refer people you only have 2 legs so you are going to place them under your down lines,now you and your down line benefit from the new referrals When you refer people you open a new leg and your down lines won't benefit from the new referral only you will benefit from him So what's the real risk of this business? Each of these products gives you
business value+product value so you have 3 options 1)You listen,do nothing
2)You Listen,buy a product
3)You Listen,buy a product and DO BUSINESS!! If you decided to do business with us then lets get more details about the business value The real investment in this business is time and effort therefore when you waste time you lose money Cost of delay X A B B C C 500 500 500 500 A 1)Buy quickly but not blindly



4)3-5 Years and ENJOY!!!!!!!! Last Thing.... The reason why we decided to join QNET 97% of population lives in MARATHON Only 3% of population lives in RELAY Go to work,come back home X of income 3x of income X of income He gave his knowledge and experience to a business partner in order to create an X of income in a faster way and that benefits the first him in return X of income 2X of income X of income X of income Benefits him in return Knowledge Benefits both of them in return You work alone
If you stop working for a health issue your income will stop
You have to work for 30 to 5o years in order to retire You work in a team
If you stop working your X will stop but the other residual income from the organization that you built continues to flow
You work from 3-5 Years and you can enjoy your early retirement Remember Its your choice to choose between the MARATHON and RELAY MARATHON RELAY Its your CHOICE! 1)Watch the products video in the description below

2)Contact us for further information and questions

3)Sign up and follow our intense educational program and day to day coaching if you have further questions or made the decision to start contact us by e-mail financialpipeline@facebook.com Thank You
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