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coral reef

ocean theme

mary gregg

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of coral reef

Though coral reefs take up only 5% of the oceans, they suport more than 75% of its marine life Organizations such as NOAA have gotten involved in the fight for their conservation Coral Reefs face destruction by way of
Direct and Indirect pollution, coral mining, overfishing, and irresponsible snorkeling, diving, and fishing techniques CORAL REEFS! Did you know that coral is an animal? Coral Reefs provide coastal protection, habitat for multiple species of marine life, and act as a giant water filter for the oceans Some of the tactics used on overfishing include cyanide poisoning, which causes *coral bleaching-discoloration and death of reefs Overfishing: Overfishing of coral reefs not only kills the multiple vital species within the reefs, but the coral itself. Techniques of this practice include: explosion and complete obliteration of the reef, use of massive amounts of cyanide poisoning,and the ripping open of the reefs The obliteration of thjese reefs leads to loss of vital marine life, and an extreme decrease in the health of the oceans organizations such as NOAA are getting involved in the conservation of these animals Did you know that reefs are animals? reefs are made up of thousands of little animals. Coral is related to Jelly fish and Anemones http://coralreef.noaa.gov
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