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Male vs Female Reaction Time

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Carolyn Keck

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Male vs Female Reaction Time

Male vs Female Reaction Time Researchers: Trevor Trepton, Carolyn Keck, Johnny Snyder, Patrick Heithoff
Overview: We tested the reaction times of males and females in our high school by asking them to catch a ruler that we dropped.
Rationale: The information from this could be used in concussion testing so that they could compare reaction times before and after the concussion. This could also explain why male sprinters have faster start times than females.
The experiment is neither SINGLE BLIND nor DOUBLE BLIND because the researchers and the test subjects knew what we were testing. Research Question Introduction/Overview Do high school males or females have a faster reaction time? Research Review Hypothesis Males will have a faster reaction time than females. Method of gathering data TARGET POPULATION: High school students
SUBJECTS: 5 boys and 5 girls from each grade
SELECTION PROCESS: People we knew or random people we encountered
Not BIASED because had a variety of different people from the high school
Placed the bottom of ruler stick at top of test subject’s hand.
Ruler was dropped, and subject caught it fast as possible.
Measured how far down the ruler went(0-30cm).
Calculated by measuring top of the index finger on ruler.
We noticed subjects were excited and very focused on doing as best as they could. Data This chart shows the average of each gender from each grade. Data Analysis and Conclusion Our results showed that males have a faster reaction time than females.

This means our hypothesis was correct: Males do have a faster reaction time than females.

We believe this is because of Charles Darwin's theory of NATURAL SELECTION. This states that the strongest or best adapted organisms will survive. Previously in history men were hunters and warriors which requires constant sensory attention. The men with the best sensory traits survived their environments and the traits were passed on. Women historically cared for children, cooked, and cleaned. These activities did not require constant sensory attention so no traits of this kind were passed on. Soucres Goulian, M., Colaccia, D., Fehring, C., & Geller, S. (2005). Sensory Reaction Rates Differing between Men and Women. Retrieved October 24, 2012 Verbal consent from each test subject
ETHICAL because the experiment was not harmful to participants and they gave consent.
INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: gender of the test subjects.
CONSTANT VARIABLE: the ruler, only got one try, experimenter described the test same way to each participant, the ruler was dropped in the exact same way, and results were measured same way Method of gathering data cont. Data cont. Overview cont. Psychological Perspective: Our experiment is BIOLOGICAL because it measures the time it takes for your brain to signal your fingers to close.
Each reaction in your body is controlled by your brain
The PERIPHERAL NEVOUS SYSTEM of your brain controls your voluntary muscle movements such as catching a ruler.
To catch the ruler:
ACETYLCHOLINE, which is a NEUROTRANSMITTER, is released by your AXON TERMINALS located in your NEURONS
This tells your finger muscles to close on the ruler Test done by University of Boulder Colorado.
Used math and colors tests to test reaction time of males and females.
Subject asked to name color of a word or answer math problems while timed
Study found that males were about twice as fast as females
In this experiment and ours, the DEPENDENT VARIABLE is reaction time
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