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Reeham Darwish

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Charlemagne

Political Achievements
1. Centralized Administration
Political Achievements
Economic Achievements
Charles the Great
Life and Main Achievements
Economic Achievements
Socio-cultural Achievements
Short Biography
Main Achievements
KEY Events
Hired Counts
Hired "Missi Dominicci" to check on their performance
Vassals swore loyalty directly to the king
Build the king's army and collected taxes from nobles to protect them
How can Charlemagne prevent the missi dominici from becoming too powerful?
Do you think Charlemagne would be content with the coronation? Why? Why not?
“. . . so much opposed to this that . . .he would not have entered the Church if he had known beforehand of the Pope’s intention.”
2. Expansion from a kingdom to an Empire
Military Conquests
795 AD
791-796 AD
772-783 AD
Defeated the Lombards in Italy
788 AD
771 AD
Forced the Lombard king, Desidarius, to join a monastery
Declared himself the "King of the Lombards"
Defeated the Saxons
Converted them to Christianity
Drove back the Moors
Formed a buffer zone called the Spanish March
Charlemagne Defeats Bavaria
Added the territories of Bavaria to his empire
Subdued the Avars
Modern day Hungary and Austria
3. Unity of the Church and State
Why did Pope Leo III crown Charlemagne as the "Holy Roman Emperor"?
The Byzantine Empire was ruled then by a woman called "Irene", female rule was not accepted by the Catholic Church
Abolished gold coins because gold was scarce and substituted it with the "Livre Carolienne"
1. Standardization of Currency and weights across the empire
2. 802 AD-Established basic principles of accounting
Kept accurate records of the Empire's expenses and revenues
"Capitulare de Villis"
3. Issued the capitulary for the Jews
A law that prohibited usury and money lending by the Jews
4. Built the Rhine Danube Canal
Facilitated trade and transportation across Europe
Revival in Education
Church Reforms
Writing Reforms
Architectural Designs
Language Reforms
Established monastic schools
Revived interest in literature
Improved learning through intercultural exchanges
Book Copying preserved classical culture
Established libraries
Hired scholars to establish a palace school and a unified curriculum
Socio-Cultural Achievements
Carolingian Renaissance
Carolingian Miniscule
Built hundreds of churches, monasteries and cathedrals
Unified Church music-A trend that still exists today
Pre-Romanesque Style
Lorsch monastery gatehouse
Palatine Chapel at Achen
(A combination of Roman, early Christian and Byzantine architectural designs)
Common language of scholarship,
Allowed administrators to communicate,
Allowed travelers to communicate across Europe.
Common Language
Medieval Latin
Can you recall Charlemagne's main economic achievements?
e.g. Song of Roland
Can you recall Charlemagne's socio -cultural achievements?
Pope Leo III decided to crown Charlemagne instead to protect the Church and take charge
1. Paid them well
2. Only allowed them to visit a place once!
Einhard, Life of Charlemagne (829–836)
Can you recall Charlemagne's main political achievements?
What is a common feature between all of Charlemagne's socio cultural achievements?
Earn 1 House Point!!
_ _ _ _ _
Timeline of Key events
Inherited the throne with his brother Carloman
Carloman fell ill and Charlemagne seized the whole kingdom
Started military campaigns to defeat the Lombards, Avars and Saxons
Drove back the Moors
Created a buffer zone
Pope Leo III crowned him "Emperor of the Romans"
Charlemagne crowned his only son Louis the Pious, then the treaty of Verdun was signed dividing the empire amongst the three sons of Louis the Pious
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