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ares project

No description

charles cheeks

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of ares project

ares 1 ares is a launch vechile made by NASA as a part of the constellation program. The ares one has two rockets. the first one is soild. the second one is liquid. The first stage rocket is the main thrust to get the ares into space. It is being designed to sen four astrounts to the moon. The upper stage is powered by a J-2x engine. Ares 5 Ares 5 will be NASA primary vessel for safe, reliable delivery of large-scale hardware to space It is designed ot send austrounts to the moon or even mars. This will be the largest launch vechile the world has ever seen. it is thought as the SUV of the space program. It is designed to take people father then ares 1 Rockets Rocket engines are responsible for geeting space ships off the ground. Rocket engines and there systems are so complicated that anly three countries have put people into orbit. On one hand there are so simple you can make them. The principle for driving a rocket engine is new newton's principle that for every object there is an equal and opsite reaction. There are tow types of rocket engines, soild and liquid. Ares program The ares program is about sending astrounts to the moon and mars It is focousing on ares 1 and 5 The project is being worked on all around the country. The program builds rockets instead o space shuttles. it is the rocket that is going to replase the shuttel. Rocket system. The rocket is the main engine for the shuttel. It is only deisgned to send astrounts to the space station. It is what makes up the shuttel. The ares 1 has three rockets whiched is used to send asrtounts teh the space station. The ares 5 rocket system is deisgned ot sen astrounts to the moon or mars.
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