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Comparison of the Northern and Southern Economies during the Civil War

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Carter Eckl

on 2 July 2011

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Transcript of Comparison of the Northern and Southern Economies during the Civil War

Northern Economy
Southern Economy The North had five times as
many factories as the south did. The North also contained more than 90% of the skilled workers. The South had slaves to maintain
their crops but only one out of every four
land owners actually owned slaves. The South really only had one economic
item of interest at the time and that was
cotton. The North also had 96% of all
railroad equipment. The South had under $1 million
in its treasury. The North was able to
create 32 firearms
in the same time the
South could create one. The North kept a 25 tons to one
advantage over the South as well. With all of the advantages it is obvious to
see why the North was victorious over the South.
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