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Maverick Delp

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of CHRISTIANITY

The Beginning of Christianity
Christianity begins with Jesus, the Son of God. He was born on December 25, in Bethlehem.
The Life of Jesus
Throughout Jesus' life, he taught, healed, and performed miracles.
Founding Leaders
Main Teachings
The Holy Trinity
The Son of Man
There are about 2.2 billion practicing Christians today.
Jacob and Esau
The Twelve Tribes of Israel
The Pascal Mystery
There are hundreds of charities that are working to help those in need.
After the Resurrection, Jesus told His disciples they had to continue His work.
Early Christians were often persecuted, especially by the Romans
Christianity still continues to spread, especially in the United States.
Christians still worshiped God, but in secret. They would pray in underground places called catacombs.
The Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and made it legal. Christians no longer had to practice in secret.
By the Middle Ages, Christianity had broken through the borders of the Roman empire
Missionaries traveled throughout the world, sharing the Good News of Jesus
The Growth of Christianity throughout time
Any Questions?
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