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Copy of Teamwork, Communication & Leadership

No description

Muhammed Gomaa

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Teamwork, Communication & Leadership

Communication &
Leadership Linkages
WestRock Community Centre
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Communication Leadership What is leadership? Best Leadership Styles for Today's Leaders Why is leadership important
for the workplace? Types of Communication Why is it important for work? What does
communication involve? What is communication? Why is teamwork important? Think of this word
to sum it all up... What is involved in teamwork? Teamwork The animals in the videos used communication, coordination and cooperation to achieve a common

Employers look for people who can work together as part of their team to contribute to the common goals of the workplace. Together
More Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas.

It is important that you become skilled in all of the different methods of communication that are appropriate in order to be an effective and valuable member of your workplace. listening and understanding
speaking clearly and directly
asking questions
understanding the needs of internal and external customers Verbal


Non-Verbal It is...
influencing people by providing
while aiming to
accomplish the mission
improve the organization Visionary

Employers lead so that their employees
feel valued and want to do their jobs.

As an employee, showing leadership can
lead to benefits in your own job or career,
such as getting a raise or getting a job with more responsibility. Working cooperatively
Contributing to groups with ideas, suggestions, and effort
Communication (both giving and receiving)
Sense of responsibility
Respect for different opinions, customs, and individual preferences
Ability to participate in group decision-making The Communication Process Types of Communicators http://www.maximumadvantage.com/four-styles-of-communication.html http://www.what-are-good-leadership-skills.com/effective-leadership-styles.html To sum it all up: "2 R's" of Leadership:

Results 10 Basic Leadership Skills • Integrity
• Vision/strategy
• Communication
• Relationships
• Persuasion
• Adaptability
• Teamwork
• Coaching & Development
• Decision-making
• Planning For communication to occur it must pass from a sender to a receiver, regardless of the type of communication. For communication to be effective it must be understood by the receiver and be able to be responded to.

All this means that total communication involves speaking, reading, listening, and reasoning skills Which shape are you? Scenario:

Shawna works in a library. She and three other co-workers have been tasked to work together on a project. Shawna passes in the completed product, but she completed it without input or help from the others. Shawna said it was really tough to find time to meet together. She did text the others (asking about working together), but got no responses. Her supervisor, Nathaniel, knows that she is a promising young librarian who wants to advance to a leadership position. Nathaniel also believes that Shawn has the potential to be a good leader, but feels she is impatient when it comes to working with others. DISCUSSION:

• What did Shawn do well?

• What could she have done differently?

• How might she handle herself in the future?

• How should Nathaniel handle this situation?

• Consider the fact that he probably wants to
help Shawn to improve and not necessarily punish her. Are You Cut Out for Leadership? http://www.what-are-good-leadership-skills.com/assessments-for-leadership-abilities.html Elements of Teamwork
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