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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Book Report

No description

Anisa Viveros

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Book Report

"I just asked a dying girl about her future plans, (Andrews, 190)."
This part in the book is where Greg really felt the meaning of losing Rachel and that she would not have a future and he is off wasting his.
"My classmates did not like Rachel the film... (Andrews, 270)."
After his mother and one of Rachel's friend decided to publicly reveal the film about Rachel when Greg and Earl keep their films secret, the film was bad and the whole school felt the shame. It was mind boggling on how much the film was rejected
" Secretly I have this hope that I'll get out of film school and go make some bug successful film right away and be able to start a production production company and hire Earl as the co-president, (Andrews, 295)."
This film school dream was inspired by Rachel and was her dying wish to Earl and Greg and his way of fulfilling it is a way to make everything better and satisfiable for Rachel and him.
Acceptance of the inevitable- Greg had to accept the fact that Rachel could not fight her future and chose to give up the fight to live
Loss of Innocence- Greg and Earl experience losing someone they loved and cared for. She took the innocence out of them
Future Exploration- Rachel changed Greg's perspective on his future in college and changed his future overall
Another symbol in the book is the arrangement of pillows throughout the first few weeks of their friend ship. It was the first and last real conversation that they had had. The first conversation involved her shaggy purple pillow
Key Facts
Full Title: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Author: Jesse Andrews
Type of work: Narrative
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Time and Place Written: 2012, Pennsylvania
Date of Publication: March 1, 2012
Publisher: Amulet Books
Narrator: Greg Gaines
Climax: Rachel giving up on her treatment
Protagonist: Greg Gaines
Antagonist: Cancer
Point of View: First person
Falling Action: Rachel gets worse and watches all of the films
Tense: Present
Foreshadowing: Film School
Tone: Comedic
Themes: Acceptance of the Inevitable, Loss of Innocence, Future Exploration
Symbols: Aguirre, the Wrath of God, pillows
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
By: Caitlyn Hansen
Book Report
Historical Content
About the Author: Jesse Andrews
Modern times
East Coast
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Independent and Unique
Senior year of high school
Born September 15, 1982 (Age 33)
Novelist and Musician
Published in 2012
Me and Earl and the Dying girl is the only book he has written
Greg Gaines (Me):
Main Character; Narrator
He tells the story firsthand and in his point of view
Makes films
Went to Hebrew School with Rachel
Earl Jackson (Earl):
Main Character
Greg's "co-worker"; makes films with Greg
Changes Greg's life when he was little and his age now.
Rachel Kushner (Dying Girl):
Main Character
Childhood friend of Greg; went to Hebrew school with Greg
Diagnosed with Leukemia
Madison Hartner:
Greg's childhood tease and forever crush
One of Rachel's best friends
Mr. McCarthy:
Greg and Earl's favorite teacher
Greg's dad
Inspired the film making
Character Analysis
Rachel Kushner:
Rachel is the protagonist in the story. She saw life in a bright light. And she could not avoid the inevitable and chose not to fight it. Just to live with the pain that was brought upon her. She went through sadness and brought it among others as though she was not portrayed like that. She changed Greg and Earl throughout the story and changed the perspective on how death is seen
Greg Gaines:
Greg is the more innocent and wide eyed character in the book. He tries to be comical and succeeds for the most part. He chooses not to have friends rather than be part of a group or category at his high school. He thought he had a 'terrible life' but Rachel changed his perspective on life
Four Corner Questions
1. The author is going through a confused and sad time. It seems as he does not know what his future may look like but still tries to figure it out by going through his eventful past year.
2. I think that the grief that the author was feeling and was writing about helped him define the whole book. He could have felt that he needed to make a decision about his future that basically determined the rest of his life.
3. I think the author wants us to learn that being alone is not the smart decision and knowing that you have to be open with who you truly are and what you have a passion for.
4. I have learned that being true to your own self and having love for others and being surrounded by love is what truly matters. And being able to put up a fight for as long as you can, until you cannot fight any longer
One of the symbols in the book is the first movie that Earl and Greg filmed. It was also the first film they showed Rachel before she started to get worse in her treatment and it symbolizes the bond of the three teenagers growing closer and becoming friends. Also Greg's and Earl's first real friend.
Loss of Innocence
By: Sesy
I picked this painting by Sesy because of it really captured the idea of the loss of innocence. A white rose symbolizes purity and innocence, but the white rose is bleeding and the red blood symbolizes that the rose is wounded and hurt. it is no longer pure or innocent because it experienced something evil and destructive.
Literary Devices
"My body is pudding.." Metaphor in Chapter 7
"My heart aches with the regretful sorrow of a thousand moons..." Hyperbole in Chapter 22
"My grades were like the grades of a gang-banger..." Simile in Chapter 38
"I wanted to slam a door on my head. I wanted to punch myself in the face so bad.." Hyperbole on in Chapter 24
Final Evaluation
Overall this book was very funny and heart warming. It put a new meaning of death and how to deal with it. The comedic feel to the book tied it all together and topped it off.
I give this book a nine out of ten. I give it a nine because although the book was really good, the language in it was very explicit. It is hard to compare this book to many others because of its own style. The uniqueness of the novel with the different formats that the novelist used to write the story made the novel very enticing and amazing
What type of Cancer did Rachel suffer from?
Where did Jesse Andrews go to college?
What was Rachel's dying wish to Greg and Earl?
What did Greg and Rachel bond over?
What are Greg and Earl?
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