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The Problems with McCarthyism

by alex angle Chase heckman, Garett Hamilton, and caelan o'hara


on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Problems with McCarthyism

Problems with McCarthyism This is a document that showed the affects of McCarthyism because it showed how it was worrying everyone even the President. This shows that every one in the US was concerned, and it was known everywhere that one of the Senators was making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. Many people lost their jobs because they were labeled as Communist without any evidence. Many Americans had to go through the traumatizing event of being prosecuted by their own country. Children were ignored by other students in their school because their parents told them that they could have communist parents. Communists were instantly put behind bars, and the the only way for them to keep out was to snitch on others, this caused many innocent people to be blamed because people who hated their enemies would get back at them by accusing them of being communist spies. I'M INNOCENT! McCarthy also suspected and turned in communist spies along with some soviets that weren't even communists. Many people who were accused suffered unemployment, their careers destroyed, and/or imprisonment. hearings of accused communists were televised which subjected those on trial to very very public humiliation that was irreversible. The final major problem with McCarthyism is that overall it trampled all over freedom of speech and Ruined peoples lives. it even caused some people to be forced to relocate and restart their lives over somewhere else.
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