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Development of Poetry for Children and their Poem-Makers

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Mark Huraño

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Development of Poetry for Children and their Poem-Makers

Development of Poetry for Children and their Poem-Makers
Ann (1782-1866) and Jane Taylor (1783-1824)
Celia Laighton Thaxter (1835-1894)
-earliest American writer of verse for children and is noted for using picture of BIRDS in her "Stories and Poem "
-the development has been irregular but in the order of appearance ...
First Poems:
1. singing games
2. ballads
3. other traditional verse

-early poems has parallel development with prose.
e.g: Robison Crusoe, Gulliver's Travel and Pilgrims Progress
Poetry in 17th and 18th Century
-contained good deal which appealed only to the older children,
-there was very little for the early child to enjoy
Edward Lear ( 1812-1888)
-Book of Nonsense-first published book
-contained most of his delightful poems in limerick
-Nonsense Songs
Works: a. The Owl and the Pussy Cat
b. Mr. and Mrs. Spickly Sparrow
c. The Table and the Chair
d. Nonsense Alphabet
e. The Jumblies and many others

-he has the ability to center all ages at once in his work for his verse were entertaining to both young and old.

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
-wrote very little poems for children
-master of musical language
-"Goblin Market and Other Poems"
-"Sing-Song"- little nursery poems with pure lyrics
-she used figures of speech and presented children experiences
-used direct and simple childlike sensory
William Blake
-in 1715 Divine and Moral Songs for Children was published by Dr. Isaac Watts
-A Cradle Hymn-contained poems from Divine and Moral Songs
Rose Flyman (1877-****)
Hymned Verses:
Children were taught to to behave according to severe adult codes conduct, verses lamented the death pets or young friends and always reminded that death is just a corner and it was well to be prepared.
- first of the important writers in Children's Poetry
-according to him, " Children were not little sinners to be warned and frightened, but were the unspoiled handiwork of Divine Love.
-Songs of Innocence (1979)- Children are happy possessors of joyous inner wisdom.

-noted for his originality of rhythm and stanza and the fitness of his rhythms to the spirit of his songs
-notable works:
1. Songs of Innocence
2. Songs of Experience- portrayal of pain
3.Cradle Song
4. The Lamb
-wrote didactic stories centered on morality
-they were the first to write poems exclusive for children
Works: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
I Like Little Pussy and Pretty Cow
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
-"Poet-laureate" of children
-"A Child's Garden Of Verses
-posed a standard style for all writers in Children's Poetry
- has the ability of expressing what the young child feels and thinks
Laura Elizabeth Richards (150-1943)
-a poet and a musician
-"In My Nursery: A Book of Verse"
-well chosen and is very suggestive of homely favor of the verses and the beat of the rhythm
Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)
-Songs of Childhood
-writers of imagination; no other poet has shown such great insight into the fleeting moods and deep-lying roots of child's nature
-had a gift in writing fairies, woodland spirits and other blithe of nature
-"Poet of Fairies"
Works: Fairies and Chimneys
The Fairy Green
The Fairy Flute
Fairy and Friends
-were believable because they mixed openly in the affairs of modern people; rural and urban life
-sense of mystery and enchantment in them thus enjoyed by children
Alexander Milne (1882-1956)
-writing of plays, "When Were Very Young and Now We Are Six"
-delightful humor, captivating rhythms and appealing childish fancies....
-"funny words to increase rhythmic effects"
Rachel Field
Elizabeth Madox Roberts (1886-1941)
-numerous poems about people and object belonging to their immediate environment.
Works: The Flower Cart Man
Dorothy Aldis (1897-****)
-short poems about common domestic scenes and demand...
-published "Under the Tree"
-country life; sensitivity to the sights, sounds, odors, an tactile associated with rural experiences
Works: 'The Rabbit', "The Hens" and "The Woodpecker"
Dorothy Walter Baruch (1899-****)
-poems from the the knowledge of Psychology
-her book "Parents and Children Go To School"
-she used free vers in child's own manner of Speaking...
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