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Tyler J. Oakley

Biography of Tyler Oakley

Taylor Bell

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Tyler J. Oakley

Tyler J. Oakley
In Tylers first year of university, he created his youtube channel, and posted his first video in 2007. Tyler had no intentions what so ever as to be a famous vlogger (video blogger) , he simply made the channel to keep up with his highschool friends.
After three years at university in Michigan, he decided to move to San Francisco to continue making videos with his partner Korey Kehl.
Who is Tyler Oakley?
Tyler Jay Oakley, born March 22nd 1989 in the small city of Jackson Michigan, USA, is an American vlogger and advocate for LGBT rights. He started youtube in 2007, and is still posting new videos each week now, in 2013.

Education and work;
Tyler finished the four full years of highschool, then to go off to Michigan State University, to study communication with focuses on marketing and social media. During his first year, he posted his first video, in 2007.
After growing bored of University after three years, he dropped out before he could start the fourth. After leaving University he decided to join an internship, he already had two offers; one at a celebrity PR firm, and one at The Trevor Project. He decided the take the Trevor Project. Which means he supports the LGBT programme for suicide youth prevention.
Once he joined The Trevor Project, he went out and searched for a job, after rejection after rejection, he decided to move to San Francisco to persue his vlogging career.
After about a year of making videos with Korey, Tyler decided to make yet another step in life and move to Los Angeles to continue creating videos. Ever since then, Tyler has continued making Youtube videos and as of November 2013, he has 2 000 000+ subscribers along with 260+ videos.
Korey Kehl
Impact on Society;
Tyler is a internet famous with social media and has made a career out of audiences of all ages, via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. Tyler uses his strong hold on social media to advert for projects that work towards, bullying, LGBT rights and hotlines like The Trevor Project.
As a child, Tyler grew around his mother, as his parents divorced at a very young age. Between his fathers, and step-fathers children, he has 12 siblings.
He raised over 25 000 for The Trevor Project, an organization for the prevention of suicide in the LGBTQ youth.
How He Grew Famous;
During Tylers life, it revolved around Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, throughout all these social networking sites, he gained followers, subscriptions, and friends. Social networks and internet being the main fan gain for Tyler.
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