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The History and Development of The Marine Corps

The in-depth view on the things people go through in training.

Adam Genova

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of The History and Development of The Marine Corps

The marines draw their roots from the Second continental Marines formed by the second continental congress, and general Samuel Nicholas. The Origins They were told to raise two battalions of Marines. At the end of the Revoloutionary War the navy and continental marines were disbanded until April of 1787, in preparation for the Quasi-War in France. Revoloutionary war Civil War The Marines were members of the union and played a large role in land assaults. In world war one the marines played an important role in the late american engagement. During the battle of Belleau Wood the Marines ferocity and toughness helped earn the respect of the germans, who rated them Storm trooper quality. The germans also nicknamed them "Teufel Hunden" Which means "Devil Dogs." World War 1 The Marines played a key role in the Pacific War. The battles of Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa saw fierce fighting against the Imperial Japenease army. During the battle of Iwo Jima the 5 marines and one navy corpsman planted the flag for this famous picture. World War 2 The marines saw brutal fighting at outposts Reno, Vegas, and Carson. There was brutal fighting on Reno hill, which was eventually captured by the Chinese. Although Reno was lost, the 5th Marines held both Vegas and Carson through the rest of the campaign. In this one campaign, the Marines suffered around 1,000 casualties, while the Chinese suffered twice as many. Marines would continue a battle of attrition around the 38th Parallel until the 1953 armistice.The Korean War saw the Corps expand from 75,000 regulars to a force of 261,000 Marines, mostly reservists. 30,544 Marines were killed or wounded during the war and 42 were awarded the Medal of Honor. Korean war The marines served an important role in the vietnam war, they took on battles in Khe Sanh, De Nang, and Hue City. The Vietnam war was a long and dreadful one that almost no one wanted to go to. So in result its the only war in american history that had a draft. At the end nearly 13,091 died and 51,392 were wounded, but 57 medals of honor were awarded. Vietnam war In 2001 George Bush announced the war on terror which involved strategic ops all over the middle east capturing and executing known terrorist groups, such as the Taliban and Al-Queda. War on Terror The marines began staging in Pakistan and Uzbekistan as early as October 2001. They spent most of their time rotating and engaging Taliban and Al-Queda forces. Operation Enduring Freedom The marines were staging at the Al Anbar Province from 2003 to 2010 where they left Iraq and turned the province over to the united states army. Operation Iraqi Freedom Marines in action Join The Corp The Marine Hymn Mexican-American War Mexican–American War (1846–1848), the Marines made their famed assault on Chapultepec Palace in Mexico City, which would be later celebrated by the phrase "From The Halls of Montezuma" in Marines' hymn.
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