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Sun Microsystems

No description

Chris Ertel

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Sun Microsystems

Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Wonderful Winners
Elizabeth Plavdijan
Mark Spencer
Ngoc Ha Ta
Chris Ertel
Hang Vu

Short Term
Apologize to HS Holdings, and attempt to repair relationship
Hold a face-to-face meeting with the team to map out a plan
Different Location
Direct Reports Only
Team Business Plan
Relationship Building
Long Term
James needs to fly out to offices quarterly
Give other locations opportunity to talk face-to-face
Remove concept of "favoritism"
Job shadowing
Break down cultural barriers
Build relationships
Short Term
Traveling costs and interruption to business
Potential for direct reports to not buy into team identity
Long Term
Traveling costs and interruption to business
James has to travel frequently
Not everyone may be initially willing to participate.
Lack of Cohesion
Interpersonal conflict
Ex: Praveen did not track down Nick directly
Relationship conflict
Conflict lead to unproductive personal attacks
and emotional confrontations
Ex: Favoritism toward the U.S.

Lack of Team Identity
Each individual team also seems to identify itself with the “regional” office, and not the team as a whole
Lack the cognitive & affective integration to understand and accept the differences in cultural backgrounds and norms

Immediate Problem (Symptom):
HS Holdings’ entire I.T. system went down for two hours, and James’ team did not effectively react to the situation.

Larger Issues:
1. Cultural silos
Poor communication
2. Lack of cohesion
Interpersonal conflict
3. Absence of team identity
Perception gap
4. Poor team leadership
Risks and Downsides
Relationship Matrix
Key Players
Poor Team Leadership
James lacked the ability to influence and motivate his team to work together effectively to achieve their common goals
James also did not recognize his team’s conflict taxonomy in terms of interpersonal and task

Proximity issues
False Assumptions
Open Work Environment
Interpersonal Conflicts
Creation of Silos

Timeline of Events
H.S. Holdings:
Greg James:
Global Manager
Greg James’s Team
: Responsible for seamlessly executing a plan to safeguard a customer's data in all of their systems, across the globe. Usually contacted if the customer’s own IT team could not resolve the problem.
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