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General Rules

Yvonne Marie Bautista

on 25 November 2012

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SECTION I 1.1 Purpose of Rules Insure adequate protection and safety to therein engaged and as well as in the provision, operation and use of electronics and or communications components, devices, equipment, systems, plants, stations, services and or facilities. 1.2 Applicability of Rules These rules apply to all electronics and/or communications design,planning,construction,installation,manufacture,production,fabrication, operation and maintenance. 1.3 SCOPE OF RULES 1.4 EQUIVALENTS Wire sizes may be substituted with its nearest metric equivalent. Copper wire may be substituted for other materials provided the current carrying capacity is identical.Flat or braided copper may be substituted provide the curret-carrying capacity is not less than that of the latter. PHILIPPINE ELECTRONICS CODE GENERAL RULES 1.2.1 Construction and reconstruction The reconstruction of an element of a plant,station,system or service requires that all elements subordinate to the reconstructed element meet the requirements of these rules.
reconstruction will be construed to mean that work which in any way changes the identity of the station or plnt on which it is performed except: may be added to existing plant without necessitating changes in the circuit from they originate The plant or station shall be maintained in such condition to provide safety levels not less than the minimum specified in rule 4.3.3. 1.2.2 Maintenance of Plant The requirements of this code, other than the requirement specified in Rues 1.2.2 and 1.2.4 do not apply to plant or station constructed or reconstructed prior to the effective date of this Code. 1.2.3 Construction prior to this Code 1.2.4 Reconstruction or Alteration The commission thru the appropriate government instrumentalities may order reconstruction or alteration of existing plant or station proportions thereof. These rules are not intended as complete construction specifications, but embody only the requirements which are most important from the standpoint of safety and protection. A. Service Drops may be added to existing plant without necessitating changes in the circuit from they originate B. Subordinate Element An element added to an existing plant shall meet all requirements of these rues but does not require any change in like elements already existing except where the added element is related to existing like element. C. Replacements Replacement of poles, towers,structure or supports is considered to be reconstruction and requires adherence to all strength and protection requirements of this code. 1.5 LIMITING CONDITIONS SPECIFIED Clearances, strength and protection are limiting conditions expressed as minimum or maximum values. 1. 6 EXEMPTIONS OR MODIFICATIONS The commission shall consider an application for such exemption or modification only when accompanied by a full statement of conditions existing and the reason why such exemption and modification is asked and is believed to be justifiable. 1.7 SAVING CLAUSE The Commission reserves the right to change any of the provisions of this code in specific cases.
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