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Music Education REform

A reform, or addition to current music education reform. Determining what is really important for high school students to know once they leave from their general music classes.

Bryan Angel

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Music Education REform

Music Education Reform Describe this... Without using these words
Sad The Problem with Music Education

What Does Critically Thinking About Music Mean? Critically thinking about music means taking
a piece and thinking about the context of the
piece, why the piece was written, and what kind
of meaning is supposed to be behind the piece.
Then putting all of these thoughts into words. Why do we need to teach this skill? Thinking critically is a skill that can easily be carried over from high school into the rest of your life. While most of the basic theory knowledge that high school students learn will be lost after maybe a year of leaving high school Why We Need To Fix This Reading basic music like this should be a skill that most people remember but, most do not. This isn't the fault of the students or the teachers or even the system but rather that once students graduate if they have never read music before they most likely aren't going to start This is why critically thinking about music is important Critically thinking about music is a skill that high school graduates can take with them after they graduate. Even if it is not to think about classical music but songs they hear on the radio then the skill could be more often used and practiced than remembering what a quarter note or a half rest means. While music education is teaching students basic theory knowledge, most school programs neglect teaching about critically thinking about music. Works Cited Child's song with lyrics and name taken out (Schindler's List Theme)
Actions that need to be take Instead of focusing heavily on the music
theory side of music, more focus needs
to be put on how to listen to music an analyze
the process of music. Schindler's List Theme. Youtube Clip. Youtube.com. 27 Apr. 2010.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Sheet Music. Mama Lisa's World. http://www.mamalisa.com/?lang=Dutch&t=hem&p=783&l=T Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star TYPE Type texrt here
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