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Passing A Bill: A Breath of Fresh Air Act

No description

Lauren Giggy

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Passing A Bill: A Breath of Fresh Air Act

Passing A Bill: A Breath of Fresh Air Act
By Lauren Giggy

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Introduced in the House
Bill is referred to a committee
Speaker of the House, John Boehner, refers bill to the Committee of Education and the Workforce
Subcommittee conducts hearings and mark up the bill with the following amendments:
Subcommittee recognizes that weather and other physical ailments may not permit the ability to go outside, so they add, "or 60 minutes of class focused on outdoor education."
Chairman of Committee writes a Report
Bill is sent to the President!
Vetoes Bill!
At every public school (K-12) at least 60 minutes of class time each day must be outdoors.
Bill is referred to
a subcommittee
Chairman of the Committee of education and workforce, John Kline, refers bill to subcommittee on Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary Education
Subcommittee approves bill!
Bill goes to full
Chairman of the committee adopts amendments and bill is voted favorably out of the committee.
Report includes the intent, history, and impact of legislation and the position of the majority members of the committee
Committee approves bill!
Bill is sent to Rules
Rules Committee approves and bill is placed on the calender to be debated on the floor.
Rules Committee Approves!
Bill is Debated on House Floor
House debate adds schools must offer weather protecting gear to students.
Bill is Passed to Senate
Senate refers Bill to Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Committee approves bill and it is sent to the Senate floor for debate
Committee Approves Bill!
Debate on Senate Floor
creates Amendments
Senate adds amendments:
Work done while outside needs to be academic.

Foods containing genetically modified organisms must be clearly labeled.

Senate Approves Bill!
Conference Committee reconciles differences in the bill
Joint Committee works and is able to produce a report describing the change that schools must only provide weather gear for low income students.
House Approves Conference Report!
Senate Approves Conference Report
Back to the House
Congress Overrides
the Veto!
2/3rds vote of those present
from both houses of Congress overrides president's veto.
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