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What is Urbanization?

No description

Katarina Puljic

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of What is Urbanization?

What is Urbanization?
Urbanization (or urbanisation) makes reference to the increasing amount of people that live in urban areas.
What is Urban Sprawl?
Positives Of Urban Sprawl:
Negatives of Urban Sprawl:
Increase of polution
Tokyo, Japan
A situation in which large stores, groups of houses etc. are being built in an area around a new city with few people living in it.
California, USA
Better schooling and education
Decreasing crime rates
Sense of community
Destruction of farmland
Increase of automatic crashes
Threatens animal and plant life
-Katarina Puljic, Molly Toth, Andie Zuckerman & Adam Negeri
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