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Wellness U

No description

Karen Hurley

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Wellness U

Karen Hurley
Research & Awareness
American Heart Association
Walking Paths & National Walking Day
Initial Plan - AHA Website
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
VA & Community Vendors
Health Fair Held January 10, 2014
- Increase awareness of and opportunities for employee wellness (body, mind, & Spirit) throughout the Medical Center over the next seven months.
Employee Wellness Challenge
8 Signs throughout the Medical Center
Purchased literature boxes for maps
Coordinated with Engineering to get Trapeze Poles welded together
Create opportunities
Offer simplicity
Empower through visible
Empower through
friendly competition
- Empower employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to embrace and sustain a personal and organizational culture of health and wellness, and to inspire them to live healthier lives.

Currently offered?
Current guidance?
Other VA SharePoints?
Other agencies?
VA Employee Health Promotion Guidebook

Areas of focus
Wellness survey
Health fair planning

VA's Wellness Is Now (WIN) Program
VHADAY Mail Groups
"Wellness U" SharePoint site
Dayton VA
All Employee Email
Lobby Presence
Handouts & Flyers
Other 'Wellness' Committee meetings
Table at events
Karen Saunders
Karen Saunders
Positive Feedback
High Energy
Over 200 Attendees
Award Package Submittal - November 2013
Award Notification - February 2014
Jamie Sanders
Kris Cleckner
Employee Wellness Challenge
Kris Cleckner
6,059 Pushups
7,926 Glasses of Water
4,071,000 Steps Taken
36,346 Minutes of Exercise
672 Days No Junk Food
5,032 Flights of Stairs
1,796 Servings of Fruit
2,015 Servings of Vegetables
71 Pounds Lost
904 Days No Soda
12,411 Sit-ups
514 Healthy Meals
1,134 Kilometers Walked
363 Kilometers Run
This is like walking from Dayton to Las Vegas
This is like climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty... 20 TIMES!!!
This is enough to fill a small back yard POOL!
Habitat For HUmanity
Kris Cleckner
274 Hours of Volunteer Work
2013 DLDI Members on a mission to Change the culture of Employee Wellness At the dayton va!
Kris Cleckner, Karen Hurley, Jamie Sanders, Karen Saunders
- "Increase awareness of and opportunities for employee wellness (body, mind, & Spirit) throughout the Medical Center over the next seven months."
- "Empower employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to embrace and sustain a personal and organizational culture of health and wellness, and to inspire them to live healthier lives."
What We Accomplished
American Heart Association (AHA) Fit-Friendly Worksite Gold Award
Employee Health Fair
Walking Routes & AHA's National Day of Walking
Employee Wellness Challenge
Habitat for Humanity
Research & Awareness
AHA Award
Health Fair
Employee Wellness Challenges
Walking Routes & National Day of Walking

Additional Resources
Wellness U SharePoint
American Heart Association
Habitat for Humanity
Wellness Is Now (WIN) SharePoint
Wellness U
Used Government resources. Trapeze poles that are no longer being used were recycled for this project.
National Day of Walking April 2nd 2014
Walking Paths
National Day of Walking Vendors
National Day of Walking Vendors
Cleveland - Dayton Acupuncture

Adventure Quest Fitness

Reflexology & More

Cairo Mystique

DLDI, Dental Service, Director’s Office, EEO/Disability Special Emphasis, Employee Assistance Program, Employee Wellness Committee, Engineering Service, Environmental Management Service, Hospice Veteran Partnership, Infectious Disease, Medical Media, Occupational Health, Patient Health Education, Pharmacy Service, Rehabilitation/Recreation Therapy, Smoking Cessation, Veteran’s Canteen Service, Women’s Clinic, & Workforce Development.

22 Teams Competed
Activity Champion
Nutrition Champion
Stress Champion
Lifestyle Champion
Challenge Champion
Wellness Challenge Participation
Kris Cleckner
Participation Doubled over the course of the Challenge
Next Steps...
Facility Relationship with Habitat for Humanity
Cooperative effort with Homeless Veteran Program
Integration with Community Events
Continue Wellness U Updates
Round two for the Wellness Challenge
Work with next DLDI Class on Health Fair 2015 - Mentor
Serve on newly active Wellness Council
AHA Award Renewal - Platinum?
So What?
Thank you!
Ratoya Wilson
Christine McCall
Dr. J. Thomas Hardy
Glenn Costie
Mark Murdock
Mary Duffy
Minnie Roberson
Rich Morvatz
Tammy Hill
Tracie Karimi
Deb Duckson
Sandra Kennedy
Donna Gray
Steed Benson
Sharon Schoppe
Carol Haniewich
Sharon Lange
Marc Rohner
Cheryl Dixon
Beth Cameron
Kim Bloch
Mark Dechellis
Marna McCrary
Sheila Huff
Jahmal Ross
Kenneth Wilkinson
Mark Raymond
Ron Applin
EMS Staff
Frank Aleccia
Mike Hurley
Mike Boothe
Dave Criddell
Brad Roediger
Kathy Hayes
Brooke Harris
Lorraine Cheek
Tessa Kalman
Robert Kummer
Phil Bell
Kasey Metz
Christina Brech
Kristina Moore
Dr. William Gould
Heather Heath
CHarlie Cruz
Andrew Jacob
Charles Blair
Jenny Ung
Mark Butler
Stanley Erk
Kim Frisco
Ted Froats
Tenisha Smith
Lauren Stetler
Claudia Newport
Carmela Daniels
Kristen Gidel
Larry Schoppe
Kitty Wallin
Jack Conyers
Sherri Whitaker
Kenneth Spann
Maritha Trass
Dr. Nephthalin Greene
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