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Green Energy

No description

Carolina Lou

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Green Energy

Green Energy
Carman Chan
Carolina Lou
Marcelino Ferreira
Karen Leung

What's going on with the Earth?!
Green energy, it also called as renewable energy
It is energy comes from natural sources and to produce less of pollutions
It also helps to reduce the negative impacts on the environment
What is the purpose of green energy?
Renewable (green energy)
This skill was already used in the ancient era (19th century)
What will you do in this situation?
We need to try our best
save more energy
research and develop
The main illness of the Earth:
- the temperature of the Earth is increasing!

Traditional energy
released numerous of carbon dioxide
the sources become less & emergency!

- This effect called:
Global warming
Greenhouse effect
Statistics about the global warming
!!!The impact of global warming can brings a

Because global warming can caused ......
Since the ecosystem is all depend & influenced by the environment and climate
Therefore, if we are continue to affect the environment....
The ecosystem will be collapsed...
Therefore, we need to find a solution to solve this emergency problem
Scientists who recommend to use the green energy:
at least it can helps to reduce the problem of pollution and the rate of climate change occurs
The main point of developing green energy sources
In the PAST......
Era of technology(from the Industrial Revolution)
developed very fast
depends on the machine
the source of energy
worse environment

Wind Power
Hydro power
Solar Energy
Green energy sources are GOOD?
Major advantage:
Can sustainable
Decrease the costs
Decrease pollutions
Economic benefits
However, it also have some disadvantages:
Hard to produce same qualities
The reliability of supply
Need extremely large capital cost to support
Need a large place and support
Keep on maintenance
Not guarantee
How has the power of Green Energy changed and influenced society since its invention?
BUT NOW......
How to improve or change the disadvantages ?
The scientists and companies need to:
Make good use the fund by the investors
To improve the green energy parts
The governments also need:
To co-operate & support with the companies, so they can develop this technology effectively
We also need:
To save the back-up energy if we really need to apply on this technology currently
Try our best to save energy & protect the environment
It is a good start to apply on this technology
Although it is not perfect and have some disadvantages exists, maybe not suitable use in everywhere
Our environment will become better and help to save our next generation
Become the era of green technology
Little Reflection......
Today, we are still evolving although it may not be as evident since it is a very slow process......
What can we learn from the Earth's past that we can apply to the future?
What will assure us that future generations will have a nurturing environment in which to live, or will history repeat itself?

Perhaps understanding the environmental changes of the past will better equip us to manage environmental issues in the future
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