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The Crusades

Presentation on my IB World History topic

Matthew Godwin

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crusades

Matt Godwin The Crusades Basic Information Activity time!!! Roman Catholics
Had big cross emblazoned on their uniforms
Promised a passage to heaven
Had to travel 3000 miles
"Deus vult" Who the Crusaders were The papacy's power increased
New trade routes opened up for all to use
Knowledge shared between regions
Led to renaissance
Schism between eastern and western churches
The Knights Templar Impact of the Crusades Need 5 volunteers (crusaders)
A pouch of gold coins (holy relics) will be hidden while the crusaders wait outside
Crusaders must find the holy relics in less than 20 seconds; the Pope (Mr. Donovan) can give hints 1095 CE - 1291 CE
9 "major" Crusades
Wars between Christians and Muslims Causes Invasion of Byzantine Empire by Muslims
Alexius' appeal to Pope Urban II
Urban's speech at the Council of Clermont in 1095 CE Big Events Jerusalem conquered by Christians in first crusade
Led by Saladin, Muslims reclaim Jerusalem in 1187 CE
Constantinople sacked by crusaders; forced reunion between eastern and western churches
Treaty between Emperor Frederick II and Al-Kamil gives Christians rule over most of Jerusalem
Crusades end with Muslims in control of Jerusalem and surrounding areas Role of Women Typically stayed home
Kept up with the house
Raised their children
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