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blossom girl

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of ELEPHANTS

Before a calf is born it stays in its mom's belly for about 22 months. A juvenile depends on it's mother until it is mature at 10 years. A mature male elephant is called a bull. A mature female elephant is called a cow. A new born weighs about as much as a pro wrestler! A baby elephant gains pounds every day. Before a baby elephant can walk it uses it's trunk to smell and grab things to go places.
Elephants are also known as pachyderms. There are 3 kinds of elephants, Asian, African Savannah and African forest. The Asian lives in India, Asia, Thailand and China. Asian elephants rarely have tusks. The African Savannah elephant is the largest of all elephants. It has long white tusks. The African Forest elephant lives in central and west Africa. It is the smallest type of elephant and has small pink tusks.
Elephants eat salt, twigs, water ,plants, and seeds from the main foods they eat. They also eat tree leafs. Elephants dig to find water buried underground, that they use their tusks to do. If elephants stay in one place for too long, they would eat all the plants and there would not be anything left to eat. A hungry elephant can rip off a tree branch, it can even knock down a whole tree. It takes 300 pounds a day to feed a elephant. In Kenya there is a cave 525 feet long dug by Elephants scraping salt with their tusks. Animals follow Elephants to eat the leftover tree they knock down.
A habitat is a natural place where a animal lives. Some elephants have more than one. Different elephants rotate to other habitats looking for food. Asian and African forest elephants live mostly in rain forests. Some elephants travel to mountains, forests, deserts and swamps. African savannah elephants live mostly on grasslands that are dry.
Elephants can hear very well. Elephants can hear a call from several miles away. Elephants can figure how to open doors , turn on faucets , and open locks. Elephants have great meamories. Elephants have very poor eyesight. However, that does not mean they cannot tell what is around them. A adult elephant is about 10.5 ft. tall. Elephants usually walk at a rate of about 4.5 miles per an hour. Elephants skin turns out wrinkly at birth. Elephpant's skin is also thick.
Elephants make loud sounds to communicate or send messages to others. They snort, squeal, and sometimes drum with their trunks. They make low rumbling sounds called infra sound, to call from long distances away. Infrasound is a call that is too low for humans to hear at all. Elephants can also communicate with their bodies. Calf's often lean against their mother to get more comfortable. Elephants touch each other gently with their trunks and sometimes rest their heads together.
Thank you for coming to my prezitation.
I hoped you enjoyed it!
Your friend,
Have a nice day!
The Ivory Threat

1915 5-10 million
1970 3 million
1980 1.3 million
1990 600,000
Elephant population decline
An estimated 100 african elepants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts leaving only 400,000 Elephants remaining. The oldest sculpture known of a person was carved from mammoth ivory 26,000 years ago, since then, people have carved ivory into everything from combs to pool balls to piano keys. Poachers even kill Elephants in wildlife reserves. There were always plenty of people willing to break the law and kill Elephants when a single tusk was worth 1,000 dollars. Male Elephants have the biggest tusks so there are the first ones to get killed creating many orphans and leaderless groups.
Elephants and people

Humans have far complicated relationships with Elephants. In India ,elephants are used for transportation. In Burma and Thailand , armies use elephants to remove trees and move logs. In Asia elephants are used in different types of religious celebrations. Elephants can help people with military and construction tasks. For about five thousand years, Asian elephants were trained and working, most of all in southeast Asia. Unlike any animal , not even a horse is as well helpful to a human than a Elephant. It takes 2 to 3 years for an Elephant to train before it starts working.
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2015 500,000
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