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Company Case LAS VEGAS

No description

Reuven Rennert

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Company Case LAS VEGAS

DULLSVILLE LAS VEGAS: What's Not Happening in Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada ...a brief overview: Sin City?
Wholesome entertainment for the entire family?
An indulgent luxury vacation? Or perhaps a value-oriented reward for hard-working Americans? What do people associate with Las Vegas? The LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority) is charged with maintaining the city’s brand image and keeping visitors coming to one of the world’s most famous cities 1. Given all the changes in the branding strategy for Las Vegas over the years, has the Vegas brand had a consistent meaning to consumers? 3. Will the most recent efforts by the LVCVA continue to work? Why or why not? 4. What recommendations would you make to LVCVA managers for Las Vegas’ future? 2. What is Las Vegas selling? What are visitors really buying? Discuss these questions in terms of the core benefit, actual product, and augmented product levels 1a) Is this a benefit or a determent to the city as it moves forward? ... since the city therefore has a broad pool of potential customers that all have a similar understanding of what "Vegas" means for them when being targeted in marketing campaigns It is a benefit... "Although the positioning of the Vegas brand has changed from time to time, the town will probably never entirely lose the “Sin City” label" from "sin city" to a family-city
from a family city to an exclusive luxurious playground for adults
from exclusive luxuriousness to affordable luxuriousness
back to the core message "what happens here, stays here" Different customers have been targeted over the course of the cities history, but there definitely is a common thread that goes through all re-branding efforts Important aspects of the core brand
are consistant;
Old and new customers attest to a Vegas - Experience that includes a degree of "naughtyness" It might be a determent... ...when trying to target families once again, since the "family experience" - branding is the one that differs most from the common consistent meaning of the brand Marketing research has shown that... ... especially during hard economic times,
people wanted to know that the same
Vegas they’ve known and loved is still there. ...so overall:
A BENEFIT Core Customer Value:

= the difference between what a customer gets from a product, and what he or she has to give in order to get it. In order to generate more thought about customer value, and to reach out to a customer base, a business might promote a customer value proposition. The customer value proposition is basically a promise of benefits from a vendor to customers. AUGMENTED PRODUCT LEVEL Attractive Business Convention Setting Core Value Core Value Core Value Attractive "Getaway"
for travellers and
professionals Exciting Destination for
those who seek Leisure, Shopping,
Gambling and "adult entertainment" actual Products Actual Products Actual Products = All forms of ADDED VALUE to the core product that may be built into the formal product offers to make them more attractive
Elements of the augmented product concept might include the physical environment and service delivery systems In Las Vegas, this could be ...image, option for "naughtyness", the total experience that results from the combination of CORE VALUE and ACTUAL PRODUCT CONSUMPTION There are six elements:
Physical plant
Freedom of choice (so that the experience is satisfying)
involvement between employees host and visitors
and the tourism product process. The Model of the “generic tourism product”* ...consists of elements of the product and the process by which the consumption of all components are assembled The idea is that the "generic tourism product" could represents a synergistic interaction between all three levels Source: Alan Fyall, Brian Garrod (2005),
Tourism Marketing: A Collaborative Approach * LVCVA spent lots on advertising to create brand awareness and build preference and name recognition. However, fact is that …
brands are not maintained by advertising but by customers’ brand experiences
Research: even in recession consumers still see Vegas for what it is: a place for simple pleasures not available at home “People want to travel, they want to escape, and Vegas works very well for that.”
Las Vegas has already been built as a stable brand, even while enduring ups and downs over the years
The quintessential brand provides the customers with most of what they expect from the city 3. Continued Probable future impact of MGM City Center resort Might increase the customer’s interest non-regarding its high prices $8.5 billion CityCenter - a small city in itself with four luxury hotels, two residential condo towers, and a 500,000-square-foot high-end shopping center Risky investment, but might be very helpful in terms of brand experience for Vegas tourists Keep Focus on the customers’ brand experience – this is what is going to bring them back! LVCVA managers audit of Las Vegas’ strengths and weaknesses Las Vegas should continue to provide unique entertainment not to be found in other cities MGM CityCenter might be hazardous to crises recovery, but combined with cheap rooms on the Las Vegas strip, multiple groups are being targeted 4. Continued Presentation's over, wake up guys! so, yes, there is a consistant meaning. Branding Strategy
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