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HIST 101

Israel/Palestine Conflict

Jocelyn Neri

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of HIST 101

Palestine/Israel Conflict: Will Any Solution Work? Israel Should Solely Rule Jerusalem Pro International Rule Anti Two-Government System Palestine should solely rule Jerusalem Pro Two Government System No Palestine/Israel Control
International Control by U.N.
Resolution 242 They will NEVER get along.
- Jerusalem belongs to the Israelis vs. Palestinians
already living there and getting their land taken
- Religion
+Jewish vs. Muslims
- Violence continues
+HAMAS (PA) THE ISRAELITES CONQUERING ISRAEL DESTRUCTION OF SOLOMONS TEMPLE JUDEA AS ROMAN PROVINCE DESTRUCTION OF SECOND TEMPLE CONQUEST OF ARAB MUSLIMS ZIONISM: The movement for the return of the Jewish people back to their homeland to resume sovereignty (supreme power/authority) in the land of Israel. Artifact Timeline Still continues... Amanda, Jakie, Jose, Andres, Soo Bin, Jocelyn Against International Rule Nationality problem
Neither Israelis nor Palestinians will accept any other nationality
Both sides have deep roots in their sense of nationalism
The UN cannot govern without bias
One side or the other will always be unhappy
1975 the UN declared “Zionism is racism” No peace
Israeli / Palestinian conflict has lasted for the last 100 years, no peace agreement in near sight
Peace is a non-Jewish / non-Arab idealistic notion
Neither side wants an international Jerusalem
Israelis claim Jerusalem as their religious capital
Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their religious capital
Option – Resolution 242
Passed by the UN Security Council in 1967
Assures safe and clear borders
Israel must withdraw from occupied territories
Both sides govern their own territories Religious Ties Promised Land
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