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Weapons of The Vietnam War.

No description

trenton kelly

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Weapons of The Vietnam War.

The Standard CAR15 was used
in the Vietnam War the U.S. Liked it but Not As Much As The M16 Because the barrel warped after fireing so many rounds. The M16 Was The Most Comenly Used Gun In Vietnam War by the U.S. It could be semi or fully outo thats why they liked it. The 50cal was usually mounted on a military vehicle. We could unload 400
rounds at a time with it. But the down fall was you had no pertection around you. All About Weapons Of Vietnam War. They Also Had Gernade Launchers the Most common one was the M203 Wich Mounted On the Bottem Of the m16. We used Agent Orange on the Vietnamese. But once the U.S. people seen what was going on they were against it and now its band. We also used napalm if it touched
you your skin would start to burn
and fall off. Many people were killed by it
thats why you cant use it in war any
more. "Weapons of Vietnam War."2000-2009.Web.2/7/12.http://www.173rdairborne.com/weapons.htm
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