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My Chosen Culture

No description

Jobelyn Udan

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of My Chosen Culture

Amish-American Culture
A presentation by Jobelyn Udan
Gender Roles
Environmental Influences
Cuisine and Delicacies
Cultural Activities
Geographical Location
Health: Environmental Influences
Personal Health: Environmental Factors
Interesting Facts
Typical Amish food is often seen as very filling however not low in fat. Their vegetables majority of the time are grown in their great lots and tended to by the women and children of the household. Most or even all of their meals are made from homemade and grown products.
Majority of their meals are Pennsylvania-Dutch style foods like pot pies and butter noodles and staple dishes in every meal like cabbage, pork and potatoes
The Amish have been living like they have been for over 300 years with no disruption from modern society and technology. Recent studies have been done and it was discovered that within their traditional tight-knit communities only 4% of their population was obese. Their life expectancy falls at the U.S average however they choose to avoid modern medicine at all costs. Their great health can be link to 3 factors.
The Amish only eat food they have grown and made themselves
Many of them within the community have high-labour, physical jobs
They do not rely on technology for many of their daily tasks but their own labour
The Amish are located all across North America from Ontario to Ohio Pennsylvania they continue to live as it was more than 300 years ago.
Where are they located?
After each one of their roles are fulfilled, the Amish enjoy recreation like every culture would. What sets them aside however is that they do not use technology. Rather they would:
Play sports
Play board games, like Scrabble
Play cards
Write letters
Visit other Amish communities
Attend auctions
In the Amish community, gender roles are significant however are still very traditional
Takes care of the family and household duties like cooking and cleaning
Young women may be school teachers
Leaders of the community
In charge of harder labours
The Amish believe their body is a temple of God and they are to be good stewards of their body. This further stops them from damaging their bodies in ways that are the "normal" for modern society.
The Amish Population as a Whole:
Smoke, use less tobacco products
Drink less alcohol
Use less salt in their dishes
And take in more supplements for vitamins and nutrients
The actor who plays "Mini-me" in Austin Powers, Verne Troyer, is Amish.
The Amish are pacifist, they do not take part in violence or war.
The Amish do not like their photographs taken as they think they are "graven images" and will at most times hide their faces in pictures
Within their schools they operate 8th-grade educate with all students in 1 room

Background: FineArtAmerica.com

Presentation by: Jobelyn Udan
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