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The Vikings

No description

Marissa Cruz

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Vikings

The Viking Age
By: Michael Cruz
Who were the Vikings?
*People of Germanic origins

*From Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

*Lived through the medieval period

*Spoke Old Norse

*Lived in decentralized farm communities

*Relied heavily on fishing

*Mercantile culture

Seafaring Technology
Religious Beliefs:
*Advanced knowledge of ship building
*Around 60 feet long
*Ships built for speed and manuverability
*Propelled by sails or manual oars
*Shallow draught allowed inland travel by river and stream
*Generally held 40-60 men
*Could travel between 10-11 knots
Possible Motivation
for Raids and Migration...
Political Instability:
*Unstable Kingship
*Land Disputes
*Succession Disagreements
Cilvil War
Expanding Trade and Commercial Contacts

*No centralized church

*No specific religious text

*Practices varied based on location and beliefs of the Chieftains

*Used sacrifices to appease the gods

*Valhallah Warrior heaven
Main Gods
Odin: All Father
Thor: Thunder
Loki: Fire
Forseti: Justice
Frey & Freyja: Fertility
Exposure to Christianity
*Raids and settlement in British Isles and Frankish territory:
Exposure to Christianity

*Some converted willingly or through treaty

*Mostly for peace, politics, and trade

*Generally maintained pagan beliefs and customs
Raids Across Europe
*Raids in single ships most common

*After 850, larger fleets were used:
Sometimes between 100-200 ships

*Targeted monasteries for easy loot and poor defense

*Winter camps set up in England between overseas campaigns

*Ring forts constructed in 10th century as main strongholds:
120 - 240 meter in diameter
Could house from 6,000 - 9,000 people
Permanent Settlements Outside of England
Founded Dublin, Ireland
*Vikings attacked Paris with over 100 ships:
Charles the Simple gave them a piece of France
Founded Northmanland (Normandy)

Founded Iceland
* Settled in Greenland
*Traveled to Newfoundland in North America
(10th Century)
(9th Century)
Slave Trade
*Took thralls as slaves durring attacks:
Mainly Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, & Slavic

*Created a large market throughout Europe and Middle East

*Important part of commerce

*Extremely profitable
*Patriarchal society:
Men held political and economic power

*Still had more freedom than many other women of their era

*Could inherit property, seek divorce, and claim dowries

*Also took part in migration
(Though not as much as men)

*Set up loose confederacy in Eastern Slavic territory:
Kievan Rus

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