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Found Object Sculpture

No description

Lisa Wagner

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Found Object Sculpture

Found Object
Sculpture “ Found objects” are objects that have been created for a purpose other than art, and are usually every day objects, easily recognizable for a different function. Use found objects to create a sculpture “in the round”, a three-dimensional piece. Their meaning in every day life is usually derived from their context in which we use them. By altering the objects’ context, or their form we can modify their meaning and significance. Picasso "Bull" Louise Nevelson "Spire" Louise Nevelson "Dawn's Presence" Sculpture Material Ideas:
cardboard paper
wood egg cartons
fabric plastic milk jugs
vinyl banners wire
wire hangers and more!!

FINAL PROJECT: Anything ART-related that you DESIRE!

Does NOT have to be a sculpture. Does NOT have to be CLAY.

Due TODAY: show a sketch and/or have a verbal discussion
with Ms. Wagner regarding your final project idea. Trina Hess
"Painted Bust" Weiger
"Cardboard Masks" Reno
"Recycle America" Unknown Artist
"Metal Lion" Lagan
"Cardboard Desire" Unknown Artist
"Fabric Coil Bowl" Unknown Artist
"Bottlecap Lollipop" Elmer Peterson
"Temple" Elmer Peterson
"Duckling" Maquette
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