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Why Rylee is Amazing

No description

laura dowdy

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of Why Rylee is Amazing

Hard worker
Her family
Rylee is weird as you all know but, her mom is even worse. Her mom loves to cook and me and Rylee had a blast watching her twice.
She is a super hard worker for example if you give her a job such as get you a cheese burger she has it done and at school the next day.
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A lot of things we normally do together are Skype,Text and talk about stuff.
She has went to riddle since kindergarten and, she is very well educated.
Rylee is very nice.She is always their for me and, tries to be friends with everyone.
Social media
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These are a few reasons why Rylee is amazing!
Rylee has snap chat, Instagram and Skype.
Why Rylee is Amazing.
Rylee likes Frozen, Identity theife
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