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Unit 14: Learning Aim A - Carrying out a Sports - Related project

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Level 2 Sport

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Unit 14: Learning Aim A - Carrying out a Sports - Related project

Learning Aims:
A) Explore factors that affect the success of projects in sport

B) Plan a sports-related project

C) Carry out a sports-related project

D) Reflect on own performance in undertaking a sports related project
Your four assignments:
In this unit, you will have four assignments which last over trimester 1:

Assignment 1: P1, M1 and D1
This is your first assignment, but don't be nervous..
Try thinking of it as a way of answering a question that you are really interested in. You are fully in control of your own project, so take advantages of the opportunities it brings.
Setting clear goals
When you start a sports related project it is important to to set some clearly outlined goals.

For example - "Collect data by week 3".

This will give you a clear focus for what you want to achieve and avoid any distractions. These should also be communicated to the rest of the group.
Overall timescale
You will need to start to think about when the goals need to be achieved by, a good idea for this is to create a time line or a schedule, which you can use to track your progress.
TASK - What can affect a sports related project?
Carrying out a Sports - Related project
With a partner, come up with as many different factors that can affect the success of a sports related project.....
Resources & Expertise available
You need to think about whether your project will be manageable.

Resources - things you will need to complete your project (e.g. equipment, staff or time).

Expertise - relates to whether you have the knowledge and skills that will be required to complete the project.

Who may be able to help you?

Internal Influence
Think about -

Your work load capacity - make sure you don't take on too much!

project design
- how you are going to structure your project is vitally important.

It doesn't need to be over complicated, pick something your interested in and also something your comfortable with doing
Project Design
If you try to start your project without designing it properly, you may find it difficult to achieve your goals.

For example if you decided to look at - "The effects of plyometric training on jump performance" you would need to think about certain aspects of your project design - how and when you would measure jumps, how and when participants would complete plyometric training, when you can use equipment and facilities and finally, think about who can help you...
External Influences
What could help you -

> Input from others
> Current and relevant policies and legislation
> Previous research

British Association of Sport and exercise sciences code of conduct


Health & Safety at work (1974)

Using the internet, research the following policies and legislation. Then discuss in a small group, on how they can affect the success of your project.
Will your project be like this?
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