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Walt Disney Company: International Strategy

No description

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Walt Disney Company: International Strategy

Walt Disney Company: International Strategy
Theodora, Tyler, Mikko, Amanda, Julianne, Thomas
Leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise
Media Networks
broadcast, cable, radio, publishing, and digital businesses
Parks and Resorts
first Walt Disney World in 1955
5 world class vacation destinations, 11 theme parks, 44 resorts
Studio Entertainment
foundation for Walt Disney Company
Consumer Products
3 segments- licensing, publishing, Disney Store
Interactive Media
largest creator of high quality interactive entertainment
Walt Disney Company
Traditional American Company, moving from a global to transnational strategy
8 global markets and the international goals and growth for each
shift towards local managers
Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm Ltd collaboration in China
Physical expansion, with new sparks in Shanghai and Tokyo
"The idea is to globalize the local and localize the global around the world". -Paul BeDendittis
International Operations
3 Types of International Corporate Strategies
Increased market size
Economies of scale
Location Advantages
3 Benefits of International Strategy
Multidomestic Strategy
Global Strategy
Transnational Strategy
What type of international corporate strategy does
The Walt Disney Company use?
3 primary priorities
Non US-Centric
New local responsiveness
Disney Strategy of Local Responsiveness
Universal Product
Western Experience
Basis of Control
Global or Transnational Strategy?
US-Centric Past
Blue Sky Speculation
Disney's Vision
Transnational Future
Suite Life of Karan and Kabir: Transnational Strategy
Stitch!: Transnational Strategy
Acquisitions: Transnational
Specific Benefits
Originally could just change language or shows and movies
Huge market globally, can change popular products to fit the interest of various cultures
In some regions completely new shows are created "Violetta"
Globalize the local and localize the global
Keeps foreign revenues increasing
Specific Benefits
Seeking ever greater film making collaboration in China
China's DMG Entertainment Group to co-produce Iron Man 3
Testimony of the importance of the Chinese audience
Plans to expand like this in other markets
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