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PREZenting Outside the Box

An introduction to developing & delivering presentations using Prezi

Vincent Rhodes

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of PREZenting Outside the Box

visual metaphor • mapping • negative space Keynote Address Barbara Ganley
(speaker) Ganley's
Presentation Audience Tweeters Twitter mobile
devices computers http://prezi.com/108186 Write or Tweet
about your experience
with ecotones Speaker
to feedback Tweeters Audience computers mobile devices Twitter #cw09 #cw09ecotone personal notes Observations
about Presentation from itunes.ucdavis.edu from itunes.ucdavis.edu Mapping Example
(Excerpt from Computers & Writing 2010 Prezi) for full presentation visit http://prezi.com/ju0gvfji19fi/moderationpresentation-cw2010/ Other Mapping Examples Social, Who Me? • http://prezi.com/xvl9cndahfed/social-who-me Negative Space Example
(Defining New Media Prezi) for full prezi visit http://prezi.com/dtjcyst2cz9j/defining-new-media/ Other Negative Space Examples Tweetagogy •
http://prezi.com/-zyo0uptt4xf/tweetagogy-attw2010 Get a Prezi account:

image (still/animated) • PDF • video • audio Other Visual Metaphor Examples Negative Space What is ? The space in, around, or between letters, words, or graphic elements. Sometimes you can use the strokes of the letters themselves as negative space. In print, this was often called "white space" because the background (the paper) was white. Mathmatweets (tree) • http://prezi.com/nsu8izuq8jxs/mathematweets AISEC (film strip) • http://prezi.com/si0gkpgk6lq-/aiesec SoMes 4.0 (abstract design) • http://prezi.com/q3jtema6zqq5/somes-40 Singing Bridges (suspension bridge) • http://prezi.com/io1sgtwwkg5v/singing-bridges Writing in Space • http://prezi.com/vzuyylbei9wm/writing-in-space Early Childhood • http://prezi.com/9qhxa8c7ezyt/early-childhood-a-time-for-inclusion Measuring Teaching & Learning •
http://prezi.com/mwjmblbegsbx/how-can-we-measure-teaching-and-learning-in-mathematics Transformation Zebra MOVE ROTATE REDUCE/
ENLARGE Bubble Menu Text Editor .jpg (no transparency)
.png (allows transparency)
.gif (allows transparency) Usable bitmap file types: .swf (Illustrator or Flash)
.pdf (Acrobat or print driver) Usable vector file types: Bitmap images are made up of individual pixels. When scaled extensively, the images may appear jagged. Vector images are generated via mathematical formulas. They can be scaled extensively without a loss of quality. When placed, an image will generally fill as much of the available space in the viewing area. Use .swf or .pdf files for complex images whenever possible (including images of web pages For animated images, create .swf files (AS3 Flash files). Think in terms of looping images. It's also possible to create interactive images with Flash. For examples, see Prezi's video at http://prezi.com/learn/looping-and-zooming Incorporating video: insert .flv or .f4v files (plays automatically, includes player)
insert link to YouTube video (embeds video and player) If your video clip is QuickTime format and use .h264 compression (generally the default), you can simply change the .mov extension to .flv and import your clip into Prezi. You cannot add sound files. You must import sound via an .flv or .swf file.
Generally include an image with your sound file so you can see the element to move/place it.
An .flv sound file plays when the element comes in focus. An .swf audio element plays automatically and loops. Sound is tricky in Prezi Import a .pdf file the way you would any image. Multi-page .pdf files will import each page in a grid pattern. Remember that .pdf files may include non-vector elements that may not scale well. Incorporating .pdf files is easy Sample .pdf file Other interesting features: Printing now possible
Collaboration enabled
Private publishing available with certain account levels Use rotation tool strategically. Avoid "sea sickness."
When inserting links, you must save the file, exit and reload for hyperlinking to take effect. Putting multiple links in one text box can be problematic. Shift & drag to select linked text.
The maximum file size for upload is 50 MB. You can create larger files with the desktop editor but will not be able to upload them to the web.
You cannot use a remote mouse/presentation clicker in presenting from the web in fullscreen mode. Handle Prezi with care: Helpful tips: Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.
When drawing frames, hold down the shift key to maintain the 4:3 aspect ratio used by most projectors. Take advantage of tutorials and help documentation at http://www.prezi.com/learn Print a copy of the workshop exercise (PDF) Open a copy of the sample Prezi & save it:
http://prezi.com/ihjj8zvjgb5n/sample-prezi-odu Try the exercise! Have fun!
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