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Pre Release 1

No description

Tom Clark

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Pre Release 1

DJs and ICT How is music played, created and transported securely? Music is created on a DAW or digital audio workstation. This software is often proprietary and if the DJ is a well known successful DJ it might be bespoke. On some software, you can write music by playing it on a Musical Instrument Digital Interface keyboard which then puts the note on the sheet music or on the track.

Music is played in a variety of ways depending on the medium that the music is saved onto. It can be played from a laptop that has got a specific program on that saves music and allows it to be put on play-lists for a gig such as iTunes. If it is saved on a laptop, this needs to be plugged into a sound system along with mixers for fading tracks etc.

Music can be transported securely by having backups of the music different mediums. For example, if you were taking it by a computer file, you would have it on the laptop and also on a USB so you can put it on your laptop if it was deleted. They could also use the cloud as this will be You would take a few CDs for the same tracks etc. ICT enhances the choice of music the DJ plays The DJ doesn't have to buy CDs for the music he wants to play now as he can download it off the internet from media players such as iTunes. It allows you to buy a track, download it and play it whenever you want. This enhances his choice as it allows him to play obscure music that can't be found on the high street. The Use Of Wired & Wireless Technology MIDI or musical instrument digital instrument is a set of commands that allow computer interfaces to communicate to instruments. For example, if you have a key board that when you play a tune, it writes the music. It works by encoding the notes and buttons so that the computer can understand the command. If you want to play a different instrument, you don't need to be able to play that instrument as you can install a different instrument and play the notes on the keyboard, but the computer puts down the notes of a different instrument.

DJs use a mix of wired and wireless equipment depending on the DJ. Wired equipment is good because it very rarely doesn't work as the equipment is all connected to the central interface. Legal restrictions Not all countries require legal documents in order to play music in public but the UK among other countries does need it. This is needed to legally play copyrighted digital music and allows DJs to copy CD music onto their hard drives and the playing of this music in public. It also allows DJs to play digital mp3 music in public. The license that allows DJs to do this is the Phonographic Performance Limited license which allows Djs to use up to 20,000 tracks and have backups of these on their hard rive, but it does not allow them to edit the tracks Depending on the quality of the songs, 200MB would be needed for a three hour gig. hi
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