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Upon the Head of the Goat

No description

Jean Jorgensen

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Upon the Head of the Goat

Piri - main character
Babi - Piri's grandma
Rozsi - Piri's sister
Lilli - Piri's sister
Sandor - Piri's brother
Iboya - Piri's sister
Mother - the motivater
Joli - Piri's new baby sister
Lujza - family friend
The Gerbers - Mrs. Gerber's husband is in the same troop with Piri's dad
Judi - Mrs.Gerber's daughter
Lajos - Lilli's husband
Manci - Lilli and Lajos's daughter
Gari - Judi's boyfriend
Henri - Piri's boyfriend
The climax is when Piri starts to figure out what is happening and she starts to help the Jew refugees. Then her sister Iboya gets involved and starts helping refugees too.
Piri is a little Jewish girl and she doesn't really understand what is happening at first. She is staying at her grandmother's house when they get news of the war. Later she finds out that her father and Lajos were drafted into the military. When she returns to her mother she has a new baby sister. Piri starts to realize what is happening around her. After about three years the Germans come for Piri and her family. They are then forced to live in the ghetto.
Setting and Conflict
The setting is back in 1939-1944. They are in Hungary

The conflict is man vs man and man vs society
by Aranka Siegal
Upon the Head of the Goat

Tone and Theme
The tone is lonely and sad

The theme is to always stay upbeat and in control even in the worst of situations
Beginning and Middle
Piri spends the summer at her grandmother's when the war starts. She then has to go back to her mom to help out. Since she is one of the only ones to speak Yiddish the Jew refugees go to her. Iboya and Piri start to help the Jew refugees to escape and find a safe place.
In the middle they meet the Gerbers and Piri becomes best friends with Judi. As the Germans start pushing all of the Jews into the ghetto Piri and her family start trying to give them water and food. Sadly their help doesn't do much for the people.
The horrible end
Piri and her family are forced into the ghetto with the rest of the Jews. She stayed there for a couple of months. Then the Germans come for her family and her. She is forced into a cattle car and later taken to Auschwitz.
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